The Highly Booed (But Perfectly Legal) Play That Took Place In A Doubles Tennis Match


Tennis is another sport that from time to time has some incredible occurrences. In kabaddi some great things can also happen.

On the 6th of February 2023 a doubles tennis match was being played in the Tenerife Challenger played in Spain. The protagonists of that event were:

  • Matteo Gigante;
  • Francesco Passaro;
  • Marco Bortolotti;
  • and Sergio Gornes.

All those players were playing the semifinal of the competition. At the 1xBet website you can always find opportunities to wager on the best tennis events from all over the world.

A controversial ending

The duo of Matteo Gigante and Francesco Passaro were seen as the underdogs in the match. For this reason, it was quite unexpected to see them having a match point.

Gigante had the serve, and he made a fault. Of course, he had the chance to make a second serve. However, here is where the controversy came. Rather than trying to hit the serve box diagonal to him, as it should be, Gigante did something completely different but at the same time totally legal. Don’t forget to bet on kabaddi at the 1xBet website, where plenty of unexpected things can also happen.

How everything worked out

What Matteo Gigante decided to do instead of a traditional serve was to hit the ball straight in front of him where Gornes was located. Gornes was not supposed to receive the serve. His teammate Marco Bortolotti was.

Gornes immediately understood what Gigante wanted. The idea was to hit Gornes with the ball before it bounced on the surface. If that happened, the Gigante-Passaro duo would win the match.

Gornes almost avoided the ball, which would have resulted in a clear double fault for his opponents. Unfortunately for him, the ball barely touched him on his foot, which was enough to award the match point and end the match. Great betting lines for tennis and many other sports are present on the 1xBet platform, and this website is also available for wagering on these kinds of occurrences.

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While Gornes and Bortolotti didn’t complain about losing the match in such a way, not everybody was impressed with how things turned out to be. In fact, many people who were watching the match booed the situation. At the same time, in social media there were those who were in favor and against the action. However, as previously said, this play didn’t break any rule.


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