How Is Cricket Different From Other Team Games?

How Is Cricket Different From Other Team Games?
How Is Cricket Different From Other Team Games?

Are you tired of your daily life, that normal routine,wakeup and hustling in life? You are looking for an escape, cricket is your answer.
Cricket is an ideal source of entertainment from ages and still the magic has not faded. A source to turn your day into a cheerful one. Cricket is not only a source of entertainment but also a way to unite the people of different caste, colour and creed. A perfect joy buster which you can watch with your family, friends or loved ones. Cricket is the way to take one to the dream world.

But its main quality is that it teaches team bonding and unity. But there are various team games and you might think how cricket is different from other team games. In this article, you will get to know how cricket is purely unique.

What Is Cricket?

Cricket is specific as recreation with three exclusive codecs of the sport on the very maximum level. Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket and Twenty20 International Cricket are the three and the way the three codecs all paintings is defined properly here.

There are 3 codecs of cricket performed on the worldwide level – Test suits, One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals. These suits are performed beneath the policies and rules permitted through the International Cricket Council, which additionally gives in-shape officers for them.

Test cricket is the traditional form of the game, which has been played since 1877 and now settled in a five-day format which comprises two innings each. It is considered the pinnacle form because it tests teams over a longer period of time. Teams need to exhibit endurance, technique and temperament in different conditions to do well in this format.

One Day Internationals, additionally referred to as ODIs, are a pacier layout which commenced in 1971 but received recognition in the 1980s. These are one-innings fits of fifty overs in step with side, wherein groups with a mix of technique, pace and talent are anticipated to do well. The ICC’s top event, the ICC Cricket World Cup, is contested every 4 years on this layout.

The 50-over format has developed in more recent years with the ICC also organising the Champions Trophy for the top eight ranked teams, the ICC Women’s World Cup every four years and the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup every two years.

Twenty20 Internationals are the newest, shortest and quickest shape of the game. This layout of 20 overs in keeping with facet has introduced new audiences because of its introduction in 2005 and additionally brought about new ability units and innovations. A Twenty20 International fit normally competes in 3 hours and with massive hitting, skilful bowling and notable fielding, it’s been extremely famous with enthusiasts proper across the world.

The ICC World Twenty20 is the premier international T20 tournament which started in 2007, and it has been hosted a further five times since then with the advent of the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 being hosted alongside the men’s event in 2009. However, the next edition, to be played in the Caribbean in 2018, it will be a standalone event for the first time.

Various Popular Team Games Apart From Cricket

1. Football


Football stays an enigma in India. Famously referred to as the ‘napping giant’ of the footballing global with the aid of using former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, soccer is on the whole a spectator recreation in India. While the ISL has garnered a hefty base of fans in India, it’s miles the large following of European membership tournaments which paperwork the roots of soccer’s recognition in India.

The Indian football team is currently ranked 105 in the world. Considering the population of India and the demographics of some of the other countries that have qualified for the World Cup in the past few years, the failure to qualify even once can be called a monumental failure on a professional and institutional level.

The popularity of football in India remains stoked by the sizable following of European football in urban centres of the country. To encourage a culture of football in the subcontinent and India in particular, many top European clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea have dedicated fan groups which are connected with supporters across the world.

These efforts made by European footballing bodies have created a whole generation of young Indians who follow and support top clubs based in England, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

2. kabaddi


Amongst the conventional Indian sports, kabaddi has back into the mainstream with the unexpected upward thrust of the Pro-Kabaddi League held yearly throughout diverse towns in India. In 2014, the PKL have become the second one maximum famous league in India, bested handiest via way of means of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Having hooked up a robust viewer base and a fixed of inclined sponsors, kabaddi is uniquely located to advantage viewership in rural regions because of its apparent recognition there and organising new visitors who slowly mastering greater approximately the sport.

India and Iran are the 2 pinnacle kabaddi-gambling international locations in the global at the moment. India has received all of the Kabaddi World Cups till 2017.

3. Basketball


The Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA) estimates that at the very least 450 million humans play the game international, be it recreationally or via established competitions. Legendary figures within the international of basketball along with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, have aided the upward push in international recognition of the game from its American roots.

There were just a few names there are a lot of sports each having a different fanbase.

How Is Cricket Different From Other Team Games?

How Is Cricket Different From Other Team Games?

Cricket isn’t like different group video games due to the fact in cricket, the duration of the pitch is noted as 22 yards however, the form of the floor may be oval or circular. There isn’t any unique size for the scale of the floor as well. It is the best recreation performed for 5 days and might stop without a selected result. Unlike cricket, many different famous video games like hockey or soccer comply with a sure specification for grounds.

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So this was all about cricket. Do you love this sport? Are you satisfied with the answer regarding its uniqueness? Share all your thoughts in the comments section below.



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