How to Change Mobile Number in Indian Bank?


Ever since the demonetization drive in India, almost all bank transactions are being done through mobile banking. This is because of two reasons – convenience and security. Most people don’t want to spend time standing in queues outside banks, and secondly, with so much money floating around, there is a greater risk of theft or fraud if transactions are carried out in person. So if you too have registered for mobile banking and need to change your mobile number, here’s how you can do it! Note that this process may vary slightly from bank to bank.

First of all, open the app on your phone and log in using your current user ID and password. Once logged in, go to the settings menu and select

Nobody nowadays keeps their money to themselves or at the post office. With the establishment and operation of banks, everyone saves and invests at banks. Banking frameworks are one of the most important pillars of modern civilization. The financial framework is the most significant in a bank since it deals with a customer’s personal, financial, and highly sensitive information.

Work at the bank, on the other hand, might be quite tiresome due to long lines and moderate but human employees. This is why most institutions have built an online place for working on an additional premise. This is a netbanking approach that allows clients to access bank services through the Internet.

Web-based financial frameworks enable you to control your ledger through the Internet, saving you time, effort, and money. People often make excursions to the bank to update their passbook or deposit cash. Sometimes the systems are down, and other times the officials may be unable to process your case. To make matters worse, banks are only open for a limited period.

To keep track of the credits and charges on your financial balance and remain up to date on the transactions, your bank will allow you to link your phone number to your account in the bank to receive updates and notifications from time to time.

Regardless, we will find out how to enroll or modify one’s telephone number for their Indian Bank bank account.

What Is the Process for Changing a Mobile Number in an Indian Bank?

Most banks will assist you with both minor and major adjustments to your account. If you have an account, you may either phone the agent in charge of your account or dial the branch number to find out more information.

However, we will go through how to get your cellphone number registered on the bank server so that you may access your account via Internet banking.

Step 1: Sign in to your Indian banks net banking account using your username and password. Click the ‘settings’ button from the main menu.

Step 2: From the sidebar, select the ‘My Profile’ link. The option to ‘update cellphone number’ will now show underneath my profile. Select the option to update mobile number.

Step 3: Now, input a new mobile phone number and press the proceed button.

Step 4: The following one-time password will be given to your previous cellphone number. Enter the OTP and then press the proceed button.

Step 5: Finally, you must confirm the entire procedure by providing the transaction password. Your request will be accepted, and your mobile phone number in the Indian bank account will be updated within 24 hours.

Other Ways to Change Your Mobile Number in an Indian Bank

  • Walk into your local Indian bank branch and ask for assistance with your situation.
  • If you do not have the time or desire to do so, you can call the branch via their hotline and request that the modifications be made.
  • You may also utilize the Indian Bank ATM to alter the cellphone number associated with your account. You may also register yourself.
  • The number you attach to the account normally receives a confirmation SMS or an OTP completely on the other end so that they can check the number is genuine and operational.

Indian Bank provides an excellent net banking service that is also available on mobile phones.

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Before using either technique, consult with your closest Indian Bank branch to obtain complete information. If you want notifications on your phone, check with the local branch now. Indian Bank is a trustworthy bank that keeps its clients’ data safe.

In conclusion, to change your mobile number in Indian bank is a difficult process. However, if you have the right information and guidance from experts then it becomes possible. You can find all those details on this website that will help you through the entire process of changing your phone number in Indian Bank account without any hassle!


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