Easy Ways To Enjoy Fantasy Cricket Online In India

Easy Ways To Enjoy Fantasy Cricket Online In India

Indians breathe and walk Cricket. For them, Cricket is more than just being a sport. It is an emotion that brings several people together and has a match full of excitement. Cricket is the kind of sport that can bring all its spectators to a standstill with an amazing wicket or a century. Moreover, the craze of playing Cricket is more than watching it on the television or in the stadium. Whether it is “gully cricket” or fantasy cricket online, the sport is a tremendous source of entertainment and thrill for everyone.

Playing fantasy cricket is a cakewalk if you know the right strategies and tricks to win every match. To play fantasy cricket online, one just needs to download a pro fantasy app and can win several rewards and cash prizes for their outstanding performance. After installing the fantasy app of your choice, you have to create a team and join contests to win exciting prizes. Read this article to find the easy ways to enjoy fantasy cricket online in India.

Pitch Performance

It has been observed that India performs badly when they are playing on the pitch of the Sydney cricket ground, whereas India performs their best on the pitch of Mumbai. Therefore, pitch plays a vital role in determining the performance of your players. The pitch will decide the match’s fate, and as a player, you have to ensure that you have adapted yourself to the pitch, or it is inevitable that you would fail more often and lose. You have to choose your team members according to the pitch. For example, the Eden Gardens is a fast-paced pitch compared to other pitches, and Eden Garden allows you to pick more fast bowlers.

Choose The Best Players

Fantasy Cricket online allows you to choose your players and form a team with them. It is tempting for the millennials to choose their favorite players from the 90s who had hit tremendous sixes and fours in some exciting matches with other countries. However, favoritism maybe your team’s downfall while playing fantasy cricket online. Therefore, it is important for you as a team fantasy tea owner to go through the analytics of each player and choose your team members wisely so that your chances of winning the watch are maximized. While you might be conflicted to have a greater percentage of good batsmen or proficient bowlers, you should choose all-rounders who will optimize the chances of winning with their skill sets.

Not All Battles Are Worth Playing

Beginners who have recently discovered the endless joy of playing fantasy cricket online tend to play every contest they come across, hoping to win and increase their cash prizes and rewards. However, this is a common mistake committed by many beginners, especially when there’s real money involved. Many of the fantasy cricket apps credit money into your wallet so that you can start by competing in some tournaments and can win further cash prizes to use for other events. However, if you play randomly in every tournament, that won’t yield any results, and you might be losing on some valuable cash rewards. Therefore, you need to take things slow when you are beginning and learn the process of becoming a “master player.” Expecting a big win is surely a good thing; however, one should invest their money in the correct place so that it yields some positive and fruitful results.

Be Prepared For All Odds

A slight misjudgment while playing in a tournament in fantasy cricket online may cost you dearly. Hence, one should be prepared for all odds and not hurry with their decisions. There are some instances where you will come across a high-priced player; however, their performance would be mediocre. On the contrary, many youngsters aren’t given many chances in the game, but they perform well compared to the high-ticket players. It is up to the Captain to choose their team members after assessing everything and making a well-informed decision. You might pick up the youngsters and the experienced players in a balanced proportion so that when things get heated, your team can easily cope with it. Balancing your team with players possessing the right skill sets will amplify your chances of winning more cash rewards and prizes. Fantasy cricket online is the best platform to chisel your cricket skills.

Know Your Players

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’ is regarded as the best Captain in the world because he knows the abilities and shortcomings of each of his team members. As a captain, you must be aware of your team members’ strong and weaker areas and assign them their responsibilities accordingly. You must be well informed about their performances and check their performance graph, which will help you make an informed decision and strategize better for the game. It will be foolish to pick someone based on their popularity; instead, you should always be open to giving a chance to upcoming talented players so that you can build a strong team. Another major concern is to pick the players who are consistent in their performance and are rooted in their spot. Picking someone who performs well once in a blue moon will not be the right decision.

Bonus Points

As a fantasy cricket team owner, you should keep track of the player performing well in most of the matches. Then, you can calculate the bonus points for every wicket, stumpings, catches, sixes, and run-outs through your best players. Getting bonus points is essential for every player as it will increase your chances of being on the top of the leaderboard and further playing more tournaments in the long run.

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You are all set to extract maximum enjoyment from every tournament and get bonus points, cash prizes, and other rewards; following these steps and keeping them in mind while strategizing for your next match will help you optimize your chances of swimming most of the tournaments you play.



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