Top 8 Banned Video Apps In USA [2022]

Banned Video Apps
Banned Video Apps

Here is a list of video games that the US government has either censored or outright banned. Governments that have outlawed video games have come under fire for a corresponding rise in digital piracy, which has been condemned for restricting commercial prospects and infringing on rights.


Banned Video Apps In The USA

Banned Video Apps In The USA

A few video games have either been made illegal in America or, at the very least, had their sales severely curtailed. There are a few of these examples that could surprise you, but most are specialised and utterly obscure.

1. Custer’s Revenge

Despite being outlawed in only one state, Custer’s Revenge is likely the most well-known example of a banned video game in the United States. In the sexually graphic 1982 Atari 2600 game, the player assumes the character of a nude Colonel Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

2. The Guy Game

The Guy Game focused heavily on female nudity and party culture and was specifically targeted at the frat house audience. Friends were supposed to compete against one another in several rounds of a trivia game.

3. Too Human

The Fortnite publisher was accused by the game’s development team of providing insufficient support and missing deadlines while using Epic’s Unreal Engine 3.

4.X-Men: Destiny’s

Another improbable contender for a ban is X-Men: Destiny, which was also a victim of Epic’s legal action against Silicon Knights.

5. Hatred


Another game was awarded an AO rating, but this time the studio chose to launch the game anyhow despite the soft ban.


RapeLay is no longer available. In it, players take control of a predator sexually charged with the duty of pursuing, touching, and raping several women.

7. Adults Only

Since most merchants won’t carry games with the rating and they can’t be released on the top video game consoles due to company regulations, it has been viewed as a complete prohibition on the mainstream sale of such games.

8. Thrill Kill

Electronic Arts completely cancelled the release of Thrill Kill, an AO-rated fighting game featuring intense violence and heavy sexual overtones.

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So these were some banned video in USA. What are your thoughts about it? Share your views in the comment section.


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