How to Reset Vivo Phone?


Are you having trouble resetting your Vivo phone? Don’t worry, this blog post will walk you through the process step-by-step. First, make sure that your phone is turned off. Next, hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. release them when the “Reset” message appears on the screen. Finally, select “Yes” and wait for your phone to reboot. That’s it – you’ve successfully reset your Vivo phone!

Do you want to learn how to reset a Vivo phone? If so, you’ve come to the proper spot to learn how to format your Vivo phone.

We sometimes need to hard reset our devices for various reasons. There might be a variety of reasons why we need to format our phone.

The most common cause for resetting Vivo or other devices is when we forget our phone’s password. When a mobile device causes a hanging problem When a mistake develops that cannot be removed, as well as a variety of other concerns

So, if such an issue occurs on your Vivo phone, you will certainly need to hard reset vivo phone to address the problem that is causing a problem with your Vivo smartphone.

As a result, if you have any model of Vivo phone and want to format it, you don’t have to worry or go somewhere else to learn how.

Because we have provided a step-by-step approach for how to reset vivo phone, which is applicable to all Vivo model smartphones. So, read on to find out more.

How to Format a Vivo Phone Using the Four Methods

In addition, there are other techniques for resetting your Vivo smartphone, however we have highlighted four simple methods for factory reset vivo phone.

They may be accessed via the Vivo phone settings, Recovery mode via the power and volume buttons, software via a computer, and “find my device.”

So, these are the four approaches, and the technique for each is illustrated below with a screenshot. As a result, you are free to use any approach you like.

By the way, all of these methods will work if you haven’t forgotten your Vivo phone’s password. However, if you have forgotten your Vivo phone password, you will be unable to use one of the methods.

How to Factory Reset a Vivo Phone Using Phone Settings

As you may be aware, any brand and model of phone may be reset via the phone settings, however the methods vary depending on the phone. As a result, we will understand how to perform a hard reset on a Vivo phone using the Vivo phone settings.

I’d like to point out that if you’ve lost your Vivo mobile’s pattern or lock and wish to delete data, this approach will not work. It will only work if you have access to your Vivo phone.

So, if your Vivo phone is stuck, or if an application you installed isn’t uninstalling itself, or if viruses have infiltrated your phone, this solution will come in handy.

Follow the steps below to learn how to reset a vivo phone using Android settings:

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your Vivo smartphone.
  • Scroll down to the More Settings option and press it.
How to format vivo phone
  • Again, scroll down and select the Backup & Reset option, as seen in the image below.
How to hard reset vivo phone
  • As seen in the photos below, select the option to wipe all data.
Erase all Data of vivo mobile
  • If you’ve locked your phone, enter your password or pin, whatever you’ve set.
  • Then, choose Format phone storage and then click the Clear Now button.
  • You must now confirm by tapping the delete everything option.
  • Finally, your phone will restart and begin deleting data from your Vivo phone, which will take a few minutes to fully unlock your Vivo android phone.
  • When it opens, select the Setup Your Phone option.
Set up vivo phone after reset
  • In the following stage, you must click on the “agree” option and then press the “skip” option.
  • Finally, press the accept button, and your phone will be entirely formatted and opened.

You should now be aware of how to reset a Vivo phone using the Vivo Android phone settings. So, all you have to do is follow the above-mentioned step-by-step approach.

After resetting your Vivo phone, all issues will be resolved and the phone will seem to be a new phone in the phone’s software. Let us now look at the alternative approaches.

How Do I Reset a Forgotten Password on a Vivo Phone Using Recovery Mode?

This technique of resetting a phone is typically utilized when the user has forgotten their phone’s password, pin, or pattern. By the way, if your vivo phone or other device hangs, loses data, or becomes infected with a virus, you may reset it using recovery mode.

As a result, this approach is ideal for resetting the password on a Vivo phone without the use of a computer or laptop. All operations in this manner are carried out using the power and volume buttons on a phone.

Follow the steps below to reset your Vivo phone’s pattern or password using recovery mode:

  • Switch off your vivo phone. So, on your Vivo phone, long press the power button and select the Power off option.
Reset vivo smartphone using power and volume button
  • When the Vivo phone is completely turned off, hold down the power and volume up buttons for a few seconds until the choice does not appear on the display.
  • To pick the Recovery mode option, press the volume down button.
  • Then, hit the power button to access the recovery mode menu.
How to unlock vivo mobile by resetting
  • Now, navigate to the second option of wiping data by hitting volume down and then the power button.
 how to reset vivo phone if forgot pattern
  • Again, scroll down and use the volume down and power buttons to pick the erase data option.
 how to reset vivo phone without losing data
  • Finally, hit the power button to erase data, and your vivo phone will begin to reset.
How to format vivo mobile of all model
  • You will be alerted within a few minutes if the erase data was successful. So, press the “ok” button.
How to hard reset vivo phone using recovery mode
  • Then, select the Back option, followed by the Reboot system option. Within a few seconds, your Vivo phone will be entirely unlocked, and all you need to do is set it up as a new phone.
Reboot vivo smartphone

By following the steps outlined above, you should have a good understanding of how to format the Vivo phone if you have forgotten your password and are in recovery mode. So, all you have to do is follow the steps for unlocking the Vivo phone by factory resetting it.

How can I use Find my device to reset my Vivo phone?

You may use the find my device option to hard reset any smartphone, and the technique is the same for all smartphones. However, this is also the way for resetting a phone on Vivo, which is why we are providing the approach.

The most intriguing aspect of this procedure is that you can reset your phone using another phone. It implies you don’t have to do anything with your Vivo smartphone or any other device.

Just switch on internet data on your Vivo phone or other phone, then login in to your Google account or Gmail id on the phone you wish to reset.

And if you know your Gmail account and password, you’ll be able to operate your phone’s reset option with the aid of another phone.

Follow the steps below to learn how to format a Vivo phone via Find My Device:

  • Take another smartphone and download the find my device app from the Google Play store.
  • Tap the sign-in as a guest option, and then sign in with the email address and password of the account that is signed on your Vivo phone that you wish to reset.
  • Click on the option to wipe the device and then press on it again.
  • Log in with your Gmail account again, and then select the option to wipe the device, which will prompt you for confirmation.
  • When you press the delete device option on the other side, your Vivo phone will begin resetting, and you will need to set it up again.

You should now be aware of how to reset a Vivo phone using a Gmail account and locate my device system. This procedure may be used in any situation, whether you have forgotten your password or wish to format it due to a hanging or data problem.

What should you do before you reset your vivo phone?

Before you reset your vivo phone, there are few things you need do. As you are aware, any data stored on your smartphone will be erased following a hard reset.

As a result, before resetting your vivo phone, you must backup all of your data. By the way, if you’ve lost your password, you won’t be able to backup your vivo phone’s data before resetting it.

However, if you format your vivo phone for any reason, such as a hang problem, phone storage full, or a software error, you should back up your data before resetting, such as important photographs, movies, documents, and so on.

One of the most important things to back up is your contact information. As a result, you should transfer data to your sim card, Google account, or any other storage device.

The two things you need perform before formatting your Vivo phone are as follows:

  • Before resetting your Vivo phone, make a note of the Google account and password that is associated with it, or erase your Google account from your Vivo phone. And if you do not deactivate or remember your Google account, it will prompt you to do so after resetting, which is known as FRP lock.
  • The second step is to backup all of your important data after resetting your Vivo phone.

As a result, here are the steps you must do before attempting to reset your Vivo phone. We have told you about all of the approaches and procedures. Let’s look at some often asked questions about resetting Vivo phones.

How to Format a Vivo Mobile

What exactly is recovery mode in vivo?

Recovery mode is a secret feature included on practically every smartphone. The only variation is in the visuals and method of a process in recovery mode depending on the smartphone.

As a result, recovery mode is not just available on Vivo phones, but also on other devices. This recovery mode is utilized when you are unable to access your smartphone via its touch display.

It offers the ability to hard reset, wipe data, backup, and perform other activities on this recovery mode, which is accessed by the power and volume up and down buttons.

So, if you have forgotten the password on your Vivo phone, you may unlock it by resetting it using the recovery mode option.

How to Perform a Hard Reset on a Vivo Phone Without a Computer or Laptop

There are three techniques for resetting your Vivo phone without using a computer or laptop. They are accessed via the Vivo phone settings, Recovery mode, and Find my device.

Otherwise, there are several techniques for resetting the Vivo phone using a PC. Many of them do not have a computer, thus the preceding strategy will be beneficial to them.

What happens if we forget our gmail id and password, or if we do not remove it before resetting?

If you do not remember your Google account and password, or if you do not erase your Google account before resetting, your vivo phone will be locked with FRP Lock.

If you’re unfamiliar with FRP locks, let me explain them to you in a nutshell. FRP stands for factory reset protection, and it plainly indicates that it protects you if someone resets your phone.

So, by enforcing the FRP lock, your phone validates whether the true owner of the phone is resetting or other users? So, before resetting your Vivo phone, you should be aware of your Google account or password.

If you delete your Google account, your phone will not prompt you to sign in to your Gmail account after resetting. So you should be aware of that.

Is it possible to unlock the password on a Vivo phone without hard resetting it?

As you may be aware, a hard reset involves resetting the operating system by erasing any additional data contained on an Android phone’s operating system.

So, if you hard reset your phone, all of your data, including the password, is erased. But what if you forget your password and all of your important info is on your Vivo phone?

I hope this answers your query on how to unlock a Vivo phone without erasing data. So, you may quickly unlock your Vivo phone without erasing any data by using certain software on a computer.

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I hope you are aware of how to hard reset the vivo phone utilizing numerous techniques. In this post, we have discussed a total of three techniques for factory resetting your vivo phone.

The most intriguing aspect of this post is that I have given every technique and procedure for resetting Vivo phones without the need of a computer.

I anticipate that the reason you came to this website has been met in a satisfactory manner. In addition to the solution, we have also included a list of frequently asked questions.

If you have any issues with formatting your Vivo or other phone, please leave a comment below and we will do our best to resolve it.

You can reset your Vivo phone by following the steps below. If you need more help with this process. Please Contact Vivo Support Number. We hope that these simple instructions have helped to answer any questions about how to reset a Vivo Phone and we wish you luck in getting your device back up and running! __


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