[Comprehensive Guide] How To Game Share Xbox Series X And Xbox One?

How To Game Share Xbox
How To Game Share Xbox

The Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles have a little-known feature that is ideal for multi-console households. Thanks to the Xbox’s dual-entitlement login system, you can share digital games you’ve purchased as well as subscriptions for things like Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass between two consoles.


What Is Game Share?

  • You can use your Microsoft Account to sign in to Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs, Xbox consoles, and other Microsoft services on two consoles at the same time.
  • You can designate one Xbox console as your “Home” Xbox, allowing you to access digital games even when the console is not connected to the internet.
  • You also have the option of using a remote or cloud login, which can be used in conjunction with a second Xbox console as long as there is an active internet connection.
  • You can use these dual logins to sign into a friend’s Xbox console and set it as your home console, which means it retains a permanent authentication for Xbox services and games even when you’re not using it.
  • On your own Xbox console, you sign in with your internet login, which remains active as long as you’re connected to the internet.

How To Use The Game Share Feature?

1. Setting Up An Xbox As Home Box

When you designate an Xbox as a “Home” console, it gains permanent access to your content and subscriptions. You can give a friend or family member permanent access to the games and services you purchase in this manner.

How To Game Share Xbox
  • Using the Xbox button on your controller, navigate to the guide menu.
  • Using the joystick, navigate to the right and select settings.
  • Select the Personalization option from the General tab.
  • Select My home Xbox, then check the box next to “Make this my home Xbox.”
  • If you’re using a second Xbox as your “Home” console, you should set up a passkey to prevent unwanted purchases or cloud uploads.
  • You can do this by going to Settings > Account > Sign-in, security & passkey > Change my sign-in & security preferences > “Ask for my passkey,” and then selecting “Ask for my passkey.”

2. Sign In To The Other Xbox

You can sign in without setting it to your home Xbox on a second Xbox, allowing you to leave your “Home” Xbox signed in on a friend or family member’s console, giving them permanent access to your content and subscriptions even while you’re playing on a second Xbox. Here’s how to go about it.

How To Game Share Xbox
  • Open the guide on another Xbox and go straight to the Profile & system section.
  • Choose to Add new.
  • Use your Microsoft Account to log in.

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Video Games are an expensive hobby, yet their popularity grows day by day. As their popularity grows, so does the popularity of gaming consoles. However, buying separate consoles is expensive enough, to buy separate games for those consoles is even more expensive. Thankfully, Xbox offers you this feature, and you should use it if you live in a multi-console household.

You have made it this far, so you already know what to do.

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