Is Urlebird Safe To Use? Complete Detailed Information [2023]


Urlebird: It is simply a website or platform where you may watch videos from TikTok. It can also be used to download videos from TikTok. Interestingly, Urlebrid posts videos from TikTok on their website without getting permission, which is against the terms of service. However, no one is present to stop them from doing this.

The fact that Urlebrid uses their films without their consent has upset many TikTok users. Even a petition to remove Urlebird exists. Private TikTok users say that Urlebird makes it simple to access their videos. They are really angry over this, and perhaps this is why they want Urlebird to be destroyed.


How Does Urlebird Have Access to TikTok Accounts?

How Does Urlebird Have Access to TikTok Accounts?

How Urlebird gained access to TikTok accounts is unknown. They seem to have access to some private TikTok accounts as well. The fact that they post everyone’s content on their website is also strange.

Since Urlebird is not affiliated with TikTok, users of that app who have issues with Urlebird’s videos and content are unable to complain to TikTok. In the unfortunate event that a TikTok user is unhappy with their content showing on Urlebird, Urlebird does not respond in the right way.

Is Urlebird Safe?

It isn’t real, in my humble view. because they simply post content from any TikTok user without asking for permission on their website. Do you believe this to be correct? On TikTok, it appears that they even have access to or have hacked into youngsters’ accounts, posting the content on their own websites. It makes sense that many TikTok users and content suppliers want Urlebird to be taken down and that there is a petition to that effect.

Why Does Urlebird So Popular?

The response is so obvious. By uploading other people’s TikTok substance to their own websites, they make a ton of money. They merely copy TikTok users’ content and videos, upload them on their website, and monetise them with advertisements.

If you are upset with Urlebird and feel that they have used your content without permission from you on their website, you can sign the petition at

How To Download Urlebird?

How To Download Urlebird?

The premium version of the Urlebird video-sharing website, UrleBird Apk, is available for download and can be used to watch and share your favourite movies on your phone. If you want to use the Urlebird app on your phone instead of the Internet, you should first download the app by following the steps provided below:

  • Any browser you want can be used to search for the Urlebird app link (APK).
  • Following the website’s directions, find the app and download it.
  • Use your TikTok username and password to log in after installing it on your phone.
  • Being able to watch and store any video is the final phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: What Are The Alternatives To Urlebird?

Ans: Other programs and websites, like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and others, have comparable characteristics to Urlebird.

Que 2: How Many Videos Be Removed From Urlebird?

Ans: Unfortunately, I must inform you that there is nothing you can report your fury or even eliminate it.

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Although TikTok is banned in certain nations, residents of those nations can nevertheless see the app’s videos and even download them using Urlebird. Because Urlebird enables you to watch videos on TikTok anonymously, it might be useful to you. But because this platform simply uses their work without their permission, many TikTok members are dissatisfied with it. Even though some of the users I’m talking to have private accounts, Urlebird still hosts their files.


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