Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes: New York Times Reports Pinterest Is Interested In Acquiring Photo-Editing App VSCO

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes
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Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes reports citing two people with knowledge of the matter reported that Pinterest Inc. has been in talks to buy Visual Supply Co., maker of the VSCO photo-editing app. With a distinctive set of film-like photo filters and an image editor, the 10-year-old platform shares some of Instagram’s early appeal. As the paper reported, the company, which still focuses on its titular product, has raised $90 million in funding and was valued at $550 million last year.

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes- What Is Pinterest?

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes- What Is Pinterest

With Pinterest, you can save and discover information (specifically “ideas”) on the web using images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. In July 2022, the site reached 433 million monthly active users worldwide, thanks to the efforts of Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. This website is operated by Pinterest, Inc., a San Francisco-based company.

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes- VSCO

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes- VSCO

VSCO, formerly VSCO Cam, is an iOS and Android app for photography. With the VSCO app, users can capture and edit pictures using preset filters and editing tools. The app was developed by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze. An app called VSCO allows you to edit images and videos. It was founded by a 10-year-old company based in San Francisco. This app was popularized in 2019 with a group of Generation Z girls known as “VSCO girls.” They wore Crocs and carried Hydro Flasks. Instagram imitations, mockeries, memes, and Halloween costumes were inspired by VSCO girls.

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes- The Company Behind VSCO, Is In Talks To Be Acquired By Pinterest

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes Acquire Vsco

A New York Times report cited two people with knowledge of the matter as saying Pinterest Inc. has been in talks to buy Visual Supply Co., maker of the VSCO photo-editing app. With a set of film-like photo filters and an image editor, the 10-year-old platform resembles Instagram in its early days. In addition to its title product, the company has added video-editing tools and raised $90 million in funding, valued at $550 million at last check. A deal price has not yet been determined with Pinterest, another company focusing on images and visual expression, according to the report.

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes

Sources Pinterest Vscoyorktimes

During the coronavirus outbreak a year ago, VSCO cut 45 jobs, with its CEO Joel Flory explaining on LinkedIn that the company had to “settle down to run a self-sustaining business.” It would help Pinterest grow its audience and enhance the capabilities of its own mobile app by acquiring the VSCO editing suite and user base. Pinterest serves as a place to collect and share images. A Pinterest representative and a VSCO representative declined to comment on the deal negotiations. A spokeswoman for VSCO told the New York Times the company is constantly meeting with different creative companies.

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Is VSCO similar to Pinterest?

In addition to displaying, saving, and sharing inspiring images (including photos, illustrations, and more), Pinterest has become a popular digital pin board. The VSCO app, however, is geared toward people who are interested in editing and sharing pure photography, much like Instagram.


In pursuit of buying VSCO, Pinterest, the world’s most popular social media service that focuses heavily on sharing images rather than social media, has reportedly expressed interest and held talks. A similar app, VSCO, shares photography and video editing tools for amateur and professional photographers. Currently, no comprehensive details are available about this buyout. Therefore, monetary offers cannot be shared at this time. It is worth mentioning that VSCO, after having raised $90 million, is currently valued at $550 million, while Pinterest, as the giant it is, is worth near $49 billion.

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