Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy

Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy
Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy

According to Rajkotupdates.news, a covid threat that has affected India has been found coming from an Italian foreign country. “Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy” led us to conclude that the Covid crisis in Italy was all about how it was contained in Amritsar and how the health ministry managed the situation as a whole.



The in-issue flight was run by an Italian airline, and it took off from Rome. Before boarding, every passenger had to present negative COVID-19 test results. However, more than 50 passengers had positive viral tests after arriving in Hong Kong. It has been dubbed a “COVID explosion” and questions have been raised regarding the safety of pre-flight testing.

The First Incident | Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy

The First Incident | Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy

Searching for “Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy” will reveal that a significant number of covid-19 positive passengers were found on two flights from Italy to Amritsar airport.

Nearly 256 passengers, including 125 from other countries, tested positive or positive for COVID. At the Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport, passengers on a chartered Milan-Amritsar flight were discovered to be COVID-positive. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there had never been so many consecutive positive COVID cases.

  • The health authorities faced a lot of resistance when the passengers insisted on being sent to isolation centres.
  • The agitated passengers also questioned the validity of the reports!
  • A total of 179 passengers were on the flight. SARC Aviation operated the aircraft, and the aircraft was flying over the Verona-Rome-Tibilisi-Amritsar sector, and it stopped refuelling in Tbilisi.
  • Out of 160 tested passengers, 125 were found positive for covid. 19 of them were infants or children and therefore were not tested.
  • Amidst protests from the covid positive passengers, they were sent to isolation centers in their own districts.

The Second Incident | Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy

According to Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion On Flight From Italy,” 173 passengers on a charter flight between Rome and Amritsar proved positive for COVID for the second time in a row.

  • It was reported that out of 210 passengers, 173 passengers were tested to be COVID positive.
  • The flight had a total of 285 passengers.
  • The 173 passengers that were found positive for COVID were sent to institutional quarantine in their respective hometowns.
  • The rest of the passengers were not tested for COVID because they were either minors or infants!


The incident serves as an example of how difficult it is to work with Hong Kong police on an investigation. Although the virus’s path of transmission is presently unknown, it’s possible that some travellers who passed through the initial test either had the virus or contracted it while asymptomatic.

The Steps That Were Taken By The Union Health Ministry

The Steps That Were Taken By The Union Health Ministry

Since there were so many COVID cases after the pandemic, the Union Health Ministry got involved! All travellers arriving from nations regarded to be “at risk” are required to undergo mandatory Covid 19 tests as soon as they arrive at the airport, according to the regulations of the union health ministry. All European countries, including Italy, had been deemed as “at risk” by the Union Health Ministry.

Flights from high-risk nations should be stopped immediately, according to the local health authorities. The government and the authorities worked to alleviate and better contain the epidemic through international travel after the entire tragedy.

International Travel In The Future

The worldwide travel sector has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Many nations have put in place quarantine regulations or acceptance restrictions for tourists from particular locations. Airlines additionally enforced additional safety regulations, such as a demand for mask use and improved cleaning practices. These precautions will probably be in place for the foreseeable future while the world deals with the pandemic.

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As far as we know, two aircraft that arrived on consecutive days at Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport in Amritsar included quite a few covid-19-positive passengers. A total of 298 covid 19 positive patients were discovered during the course of 2 consecutive days and flights, both of which were charter flights from Italy to Amritsar.

The local government asked for an immediate halt to flights from high-risk nations, as we also learned. According to the union health ministry’s regulations, all travellers travelling from nations that are considered “at risk” must have a COVID-19 checkup. Italy is included in the list of nations in Europe that have been categorised as “at risk” by the union health ministry.


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