Ourteennetwork: How Does It Work? Complete Detail


Since 2012, Ourteennetwork has been providing services to teenagers around the world. You can meet, get to know, and interact with other minors your age on this website made exclusively for teens. Ourteennetwork aims to provide a platform for boys and girls ages 13 to 19 without allowing adults to participate. 

Teenagers often date, and the site gives them a chance to carefully examine the character of their online crush before committing. This is a more laid-back approach than how things happen in the real world and face-to-face. A teen can figure it out with almost no pressure.


Ourteennetwork: How Does It Work

If you are an anonymous visitor, you are free to navigate the site, but you cannot interact with anyone. You can perform filtered searches, view member profiles, and view their photos. Additionally, you can browse any topic category in the forum and read member posts. Unless you register, your presence is limited as a mere observer. Joining and using the site’s features are free. Once you’ve created an account, you become part of their online community of teens. 

Chatting and PMs are more private ways of communicating with other teens, similar to Facebook’s messenger. Video chats are also available. A real-life date can be arranged if there is a mutual attraction and an eyeball meet can be arranged. Couples usually date if they live close together, but if they live in different countries or states, dating would be almost impossible.

Is Registration Really Easy?

You can sign in if you already have an account on the website’s Home Page. You can join Our Teen Network by clicking the “sign up” button just beside it. Only 13-19-year-olds will be accepted as new members. Before they can join the community, the website also requires their parents’ consent. Registration is part of a free service for teens. While visitors can examine the site to see what it’s about, teens will need to create an account to use the features.

They have to indicate their sex, and their general location like a city or town, along with a unique username and password. The site will also ask teens about their Kik, Snapchat, and other social media usernames. By pressing a finger or clicking a mouse button, teens can socialize online. Once the teen’s account has been verified, he or she can join the community and enjoy the platform’s features.

What About Design and Usability

The banner at the top of the home page is the first thing you’ll notice. The navigation buttons for the different pages on the site are displayed on a light blue background. There are four sections: Home, Teens, Forums, and Chats. There is nothing fancy about the design. At best, it can be described as functional. The chat room can be accessed by selecting “Chat” near the top right of the home page. Before participating in the live discussion, you must be a registered member with a valid email address.

A thumbnail gallery of member profile pictures with their usernames appears beneath this banner in the Teen section. The member search can be accessed by selecting any of these tabs. The same member search is available when you select the “Teen” option at the top of the homepage. The following tabs are included:

This feature displays members who are currently online and how long it has been since they last logged in.

  • New – shows the newest members and their countries of origin.
  • Last Connected – shows the newest members who have left the site and how long they have been away.
  • Viewed – The most viewed members’ profiles are listed along with their age and number of visits.
  • A gallery of girls is shown, along with their ages and locations.
  • As with girls, it will show a gallery of boys, their ages, and where they live.

Pricing and Benefits

We don’t charge teens for using Ourteennetwork facilities and features. For their protection, they only expect members to follow their rules and regulations. There are ads on the website, which can be a bit annoying. It’s understandable, however, because they need it to pay staff and maintain the service.

Teen members can upload pictures and share their social media usernames on their profiles. In addition, there is an extensive forum with a wide range of groups covering a wide range of topics. Games are sometimes introduced. Teenagers can also send private messages and chat with other teens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ourteennetwork Safe?

With data protection and moderators, Ourteennetwork does its best, but controlling private interactions between members is difficult. Members’ safety would be largely dependent on their ability to protect themselves. They’re also encouraged to report any trouble they experience on the platform.

Is Ourteennetwork a real dating site?

Teens can use it to meet other teens, potentially finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. As with other dating sites, there are no matchmaking algorithms or other dating services.

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Ourteennetwork goes to great lengths to ensure that its teen membership base is indeed between the ages of 13 and 19.  Members who engage in hate speech, share or demand sexually explicit material, bully, or engage in any other unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with swiftly.

Teenagers dating is a normal part of growing up. Ourteennetwork strives to foster a friendly, safe, and wholesome environment for teens to interact. For it to compete with Facebook, it needs more innovations and a better design. Ultimately, it’s for teens to hang out and socialize with kids their own age, removing the adult demographic from the equation.


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