What is Nelson Dilipkumar Cricketer Figure In Cricket?


The Nelson figure, also known as the “Nelson Touch”, is a superstitious ritual performed by cricketers before they go out to bat. It was named after Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson who died at the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805. This ritual involves touching or knocking three times on any solid object (usually an umpire’s box) and then touching their helmet with both hands. There are many theories about why this superstition exists but it has been suggested that it may have originated from cricket players wanting to ward off bad luck while batting against Lord Horatio Nelson’s team of bowlers during the Napoleonic Wars.

Once, the Australian cricket team dominated the globe, but Team India has reclaimed that position. The BCCI has become the wealthiest cricket board in the world, in large part due to the success of IPL. Cricket hasn’t changed much over the years, but there are a few superstitions that every player has throughout his career. A popular term in the game is the Nelson Figure, which refers to a superstition. We’ll look at that item in detail in this post.


Nelson Dilipkumar Cricketer Figure Meaning

The Nelson figure is the occurrence of 111 in a cricket match. The goal of the game is to score the most runs in the time allotted. Batsmen bat for two hours, which is divided into three periods of 15 minutes each. When the scoreboard reads “111,” it’s known as Nelson Figure.

The same can be said about a batsman’s score. When a batsman scores eleven runs after reaching the three-figure mark, he reaches the Nelson Figure.

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Origin of the Nelson Dilipkumar Cricketer Figure

There is no conclusive evidence about the Nelson Figure’s origins, although it is widely accepted that Lord Nelson’s injuries inspired it. Because of Nelson’s loss of one eye, one arm, and one etcetera in the war, Bill Frindall once referred to this score as Nelson.

When umpire David Shepherd said that he’d like to see fewer dismissals, his views were widely applauded. “One arm, one eye, and one lump of sugar in my tea,” he quipped. There is a common misconception that batsmen generally lose their wickets at a Nelson, double Nelson, or triple Nelson. It was therefore dubbed an ill-omened figure.

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Is Nelson Figure Really A Bad Omen?

The claim that a certain cricket magazine named The Cricketer performed an analysis to see whether it’s true or not is correct. But they discovered that the hypothesis was incorrect when the batters failed to bowl for more than 111 balls.

Another curious coincidence is that New Zealand’s Nelson club represented the country in domestic competition from 1874 to 1891. In their first and only innings together, they scored 111 runs! One of the most unusual cricket encounters in history involves a controversial figure, according to a coincidence.

Triple Nelson, Double Nelson, or Chris Gayle’s Test career includes a record of 333. In the T20s, he wore it on his jersey. Still, he made it through to become a Universe Boss in the shortest form of the game wearing that number without incident.

Shepherd’s leg-raise was ruled correctly by umpire Ian Gould in his retirement speech, and the Nelson thing was mentioned. On November 11, 2011, the scoreboard of a match between Australia and South Africa read 11-11 on 11/11/11. The Proteas needed 111 runs to win the match, which occurred at the very moment only.

There are, however, two pieces of evidence supporting Nelson’s cricketing reputation. The Trailblazers were at 111-2 during the Women’s T20 Challenge fixture at the Sawai Man Singh Stadium in Jaipur in 2019. However, the visitors battled back by adding 66 runs in the top half of the innings. But they plummeted after losing five wickets for zero runs midway through their chase when Velocity knocked them down to 111-7. The Trailblazers, on the other hand, were able to overcome their previous frustrations and emerged successful in that game, thus indicating that they might not be so unlucky.

In cricket history, there have been numerous collapses and worse. In IPL 2020 Qualifier 1, the Mumbai Indians put down the top three of the Delhi Capitals batting line-up before they could score a run. They were 0/3 and fell to the Patriots in this game.

This most recent occurrence is in support of the popular belief that a duck is more ill than number 111. Perhaps, the reason why fans and cricketers consider it an ill omen is because the figure resembles stumps with no bails.


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