Who is the Father of Cricket? Who Is Known As Father Of Cricket?

Credit: WG Grace in 1902. Photograph: Popperfoto/Getty Images

Who is the Father of Cricket? The father of cricket is a man named Thomas Lord. He was born in 1755 and died on October 25, 1825. His contribution to the game was that he created an early form of cricket called rounders. It’s similar to baseball but it has no bases or innings and you don’t need a bat. If you’re interested in learning more about this sport, click here for more information! Click here for more information!

Cricket is a popular sport that is played in over 150 nations throughout the world. The test-playing nations are the sport’s powerhouse countries, while many Associate nations have made significant progress in cricket. The International Cricket Council has made great efforts to elevate the game across the world.

Cricket was formerly only a leisure activity before the ICC and other cricket organizations took charge of it. Nowadays’s youngsters make great sacrifices in their lives to pursue a chance to play for their nation at the international level. Another individual, named William Gilbert Grace, did a similar thing.

However, when WG Grace sacrificed a number of things in his life for cricket, the game was not as popular. Furthermore, the future that the budding stars see in cricket today as a result of recent enormous investments in the game was not available at the time.

The cricket event managers had to spend a lot of time searching for a suitable sponsor. The BCCI had to pay money to Doordarshan in the past so that they would broadcast matches in India. These days, things have gotten a lot simpler.

The Indian Cricket Board paid millions of dollars for the rights to broadcast cricket matches in India. However, had WG Grace not worked so hard for the sake of the game’s bright future, none of this would have been possible.


Who Is Known As Father Of Cricket?

As previously said, William Gilbert Grace is credited as the Father of Cricket. The legendary player was born on August 18, 1848, in Bristol. On 23 October 1915, he died at the age of 67. George Pocock was his great-grandfather, while Fred Grace and E.M. Grace were his brothers.

In the days before ODI cricket, there was no such thing as an ODI format. He was a member of the MCC, Gloucestershire, and London county cricket teams. He first played for England against Australia in 1880, and ten years later he made his final appearance against the same opponents.

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Why Is WG Grace Called The Father Of Cricket?

WG Grace played only 22 Tests in his cricket career. However, he is still regarded as the Father of Cricket. The title “greatest ever” is often given to cricket’s greatest player, batsman, or bowler. Even if you’re a casual fan of the game, it’s hard to disagree that Sachin Tendulkar was amazing. Sir Donald Bradman is frequently referred to as the Father of Cricket by fans older than him.

WG Grace earned this moniker because he played 44 first-class seasons in English cricket. He was the first Australian to play in Hong Kong and one of the best batsmen in cricket history. At a time when cricket wasn’t taken seriously, he played 870 FC games. Despite this, Grace put his time and effort into making the activity popular.

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WG Grace’s Impact On The Game

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Graced scored 14,392 runs in his first-class career, with the highest score of 365 not out. It is claimed that the great player spent a lot of effort developing his nation’s version of the game. He was capable of executing any activity in the game.

WG Grace may be regarded as the greatest all-around cricketer of all time. WG Grace was a man who could bat, bowl, field, and even wicket-keep in his illustrious career. As a result, he is widely regarded as the inventor of cricket.

The moniker “God of Cricket” has been applied to Sachin Tendulkar, who is recognized as the divinity of cricket. This is due to the fact that he holds a commanding position in cricket batting history. The Indian cricket team, which is highly regarded as a favorite, currently has a chance of winning the series. King Kohli himself is closing in on his personal records.

However, cricket will never achieve the heights it reached in the 1880s. The invention of Cricket is attributed solely to WG Grace, the Father of Cricket.


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