How to Unblock Yourself from Whatsapp


If you’ve ever tried to block yourself from WhatsApp, only to find that the app still manages to keep track of your messages and contacts, then you’re not alone! In this blog post, we will show you a simple workaround that will help you completely unblock yourself from WhatsApp. So let’s get started!

Has someone on WhatsApp blocked you? Do you wish to contact the person who has blocked you? If so, you’ve come to the perfect spot to learn how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp.

Most of the time, the other person with whom you talk on WhatsApp will ban you for some reason. Because the other person has blocked you, you are unable to send messages to a specific contact on WhatsApp.

So, if you have crucial information to transmit to the person who has banned you, you may do so quickly. So, don’t be concerned if you’re unfamiliar with the technique for becoming unblocked.

Because we have provided a step-by-step technique for unblocking yourself from WhatsApp with the use of a screenshot in this post. As a result, all you have to do is follow the steps and you will be able to effortlessly unblock myself on Whatsapp.


Is it possible to unblock someone on WhatsApp if they have blocked you?

I’d like to point you that you may simply send messages using the same WhatsApp number that has been blocked by someone. However, you cannot unblock yourself on Whatsapp.

If you have been banned by someone, you may wish to send messages or chat with the person using your same phone number as well as the same person’s WhatsApp number. Am I correct?

So, by using a few methods, you may effortlessly send messages to that individual. By the way, there is another option for becoming unblocked on WhatsApp, but it only works on earlier versions of the service.

As a result, you don’t have to go anyplace to find out how to send messages on WhatsApp if someone is restricted. because the step-by-step approach is described below with various criteria.

3 Methods for Unblocking Myself on WhatsApp

By the way, there are two techniques that work 100% of the time for sending messages even if someone has blocked the same number that was blocked.

However, there is one approach that may work if your WhatsApp is an earlier version. As a result, the three options are to create a WhatsApp group, broadcast, or delete a WhatsApp account.

So, you can use any of the techniques listed below, but we recommend using the group approach to send messages to the individual who has banned you.

As a result, let’s go over each method’s approach for unblocking myself on WhatsApp.

How can you unblock yourself on WhatsApp by utilizing a group?

If you build a group using a Whatsapp number that has been blocked by someone and want to add that number, you will be unable to add that member to the group you are forming.

Even if you are an admin of a Whatsapp group that was founded by someone else, you cannot add that banned number to your WhatsApp number.

However, if you have formed a group and designated another person an admin, that person may add that number to the group you have created, and you are now a member of that group.

Follow the steps below to learn how to send messages if someone has blocked you using the same WhatsApp number:

  • Make a group using your name or any other name from your Whatsapp number. (Attempt to build a group name based on your name, such that the group name matches the contact name saved by another person.)
how to unblock myself on whatsapp
  • Add your second WhatsApp number or one that is close to the same group that you have formed with your main WhatsApp number.
How to unblock on whatsapp using group
  • Make an administrator. After you’ve added the second number to the same group.
whatsapp automtically unlock
  • Add the contacts number that has blocked your personal WhatsApp number to your second WhatsApp number, and then add that WhatsApp number to the same group that your personal WhatsApp number has formed.
whatsapp unblock trick 2021
  • There will now be three numbers in a group: your own WhatsApp number, the second WhatsApp number, and the other person’s WhatsApp number who has banned you.
  • Return to your own phone signifies that you have a personal Whatsapp number via which you wish to communicate with the person who has banned you. Now, open the group and unsubscribe from your second Whatsapp number.
How to unblock yourself on whatsapp
  • Finally, because there are only two people in the group, you may make the chat personal to the individual who has banned you on Whatsapp. (You and someone else)
How to send message to blocked contacts

As a result, you would have a good understanding of how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp utilizing the group option. Only if you complete the technique step by step will you be allowed to communicate with your phone to the other Whatsapp number that has blocked you.

How can you unblock yourself from WhatsApp without losing your account?

This approach, by the way, will only work if you have an earlier version of WhatsApp; otherwise, this process will not function.

In this approach, you just clean the cache of your WhatsApp program, cancel your WhatsApp account, and then re-login with the same number.

So, let’s see how to unlock myself on WhatsApp without deleting my account:-

To begin, you must erase the cache of your WhatsApp app on your smartphone. So, to remove the cache of your WhatsApp app, follow the steps below:

  • Long touch the WhatsApp app on the home screen, then select the App details option.
  • You may also get the app details option by going to setting app WhatsApp.
  • Select the option to clear data.
unlock whatsapp blocked
  • Then, to delete the cache of your WhatsApp, select the clean cache option.

Before cancelling your WhatsApp account, make a backup of your file data. To backup your WhatsApp file, follow the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp and press the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the Settings button, then select the Chat option.
  • Select the Chat Backup option.
  • Tap the Google account, then pick the Gmail account where you wish to save the WhatsApp file.
  • Finally, hit the Backup option, and your WhatsApp file will be backed up on your Google account within a few minutes.
Unblock whatsapp by deleting

You should delete your Whatsapp account. To delete your WhatsApp account, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the three-dot icon, then select Settings.
  • As seen in the image below, go to the account settings.
  • Select the option to Delete my account.
  • Enter your WhatsApp number and then select Delete my account.
  • Choose a reason why you wish to remove. So you may just choose another one.
  • To remove my account, click here.
  • Finally, you must confirm the cancellation of your Whatsapp account.
send blocked whatsapp message

Re-enter your Whatsapp number:

As previously said, these tactics will only work if you have an earlier version of WhatsApp, and we cannot guarantee that they will work. It may work if the WhatsApp is not up to date.

So, you must be aware of how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp by canceling your account. Now, let’s look at another method for unblocking myself on Whatsapp.

How can you unblock yourself on WhatsApp without losing your account?

Only you will be able to send messages to the person who has banned you if you use an earlier version of WhatsApp and use the broadcast functions.

So, I’d like to make it clear that this approach may work if you have an earlier version of WhatsApp that hasn’t been upgraded. So, if you’re using an earlier version of WhatsApp, you may skip to the following step.

Many of them are unaware of WhatsApp’s broadcast capability. So, if you’re unfamiliar with the broadcast feature, let me explain.

The broadcast features allow you to send messages to all of your WhatsApp contacts at once using your primary personal phone. In broadcast, you must first pick the contacts and then construct the broadcast.

After making a brodcast, any message you submit on broadcast will be sent to all of your WhatsApp contacts as a personal message.

Follow the steps below to learn how to unblock myself on WhatsApp without deleting my account:

  • As shown in the picture below, press the three-dot menu and then the New broadcast option.
  • Choose at least two participants/contacts. So, you may choose one WhatsApp number that has blocked you to whom you want to send a message and a second WhatsApp number that is close.
  • After you’ve made your selection, touch the done button.
  • Now, a broadcast with two participants will be made. So, everytime you send a message on that broadcast, it will be sent to both phones via your own Whatsapp number.

As a result, if your WhatsApp is an older version, the message will most likely be sent to the person who has banned you. You should now understand how to unblock yourself on Whatsapp using broadcast if you have an earlier version of Whatsapp.

How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to unblock myself from someone’s WhatsApp?

By the way, there is no option in the WhatsApp program that allows you to directly unblock yourself or yourself on WhatsApp from someone else’s whatsapp.

However, you may unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp by following some of the processes. So, using the procedure described above, you may send messages from the same number that has been blocked to the same contacts.

What is the best way to WhatsApp someone who has banned you?

As previously stated, if someone has banned you on WhatsApp, you cannot unblock them directly, but you may send messages to those contacts. So, yeah, you can whatsapp someone who has banned you, but how? right?

So far, we have discussed three options for unblocking oneself from WhatsApp: forming groups, removing accounts, and publishing a broadcast.

Is it possible to call someone who has banned me on WhatsApp?

No, you cannot make voice or video calls to the person who has blocked you on WhatsApp until and unless the other person can unblock you using their WhatsApp account.

By the way, even if the other person has banned you, you may still send a message by following the steps outlined above.

As a result, it is difficult to make a voice or video call, but it is possible to transmit messages or media even if the person has been banned by following certain protocol.

Can I view someone’s DP, Last Seen status, or WhatsApp status if they’ve banned me?

No, you will not be able to see that person’s profile photo, online or last seen status, or Whatsapp status if they have banned you.

In addition, you are not permitted to send any communication, whether text, photographs, videos, pdf, or any other material, to that Whatsapp number. You can’t even call that number.

You, too, are unable to add the person who has blocked you to any group. As a result, the technique we’ve outlined for how to unblock oneself on WhatsApp via a group is lengthy.

How will I know if someone has unblocked me on their own?

When someone unblocks you, you will be able to see that person’s profile image, online/last seen status, and WhatsApp status. So, these are the factors that would alert you that the individual has blocked you.

Alternatively, you may consult the handbook by sending a message to that WhatsApp number. If you see a double tick on the message, it means the user has unblocked you.

Because when you are blocked by someone and send a message, the message does not reach that person. The double tick, on the other hand, showed that the message had been sent to that person’s WhatsApp.

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We hope you now understand how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp using numerous techniques. By the way, I believe you expected to find a technique to unblock yourself when you arrived to this website.

However, there is no way to unblock oneself on WhatsApp. Finally, you merely want to send a message to that restricted WhatsApp number using your own number.

So, in this post, what you desire that technique is described step by step with the assistance of screenshots. We have presented three techniques for unblocking on WhatsApp, but the first approach, utilizing groups, will undoubtedly work 100% of the time.

However, we cannot guarantee that the other two ways of broadcasting and removing accounts will succeed. If WhatsApp is not up to date, it may work.

Along with these unblocking techniques, we’ve also included a list of frequently asked questions about it, which should clear up any confusion. We’ve explained everything in detail with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Once you’ve unblocked yourself, the person who blocked you will be able to see that they have been removed from your contact list. You can then start a new conversation with them or send an old message again. If this sounds like something you would want to do, all it takes is one quick phone call and we can help! We are always happy to assist people in removing themselves from any social media account so they don’t needlessly suffer at the hands of someone else’s bad decisions. Contact our team today for more information on how we work with clients to break free of blocks imposed by others.


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