How to Take Screenshot In Jio Phone?


In this blog post, we’ll show you how to take a screenshot on your jio phone. Screenshots can be useful for capturing pictures of your screen or for saving important information. Follow these simple steps to take a screenshot on your jio phone.

Do you also want to know how to capture a screenshot on a Jio phone? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct spot to learn how to capture photographs and screenshots from your Jio phone.

As you are aware, we frequently need to snap photographs of the screen on our mobile devices. Nowadays, the Screenshot function is accessible on practically every smartphone.

However, most people in India use Jio phones since they have the same features and functionality as an Android smartphone. So, if you have a Jio phone, you will undoubtedly need to take a screenshot of your Jio phone.

To begin, many Jio phone users wonder, “Is there any function accessible on Jio phone for recording screen image?” So, if you’re likewise curious about the solution to this question, don’t worry.

As a result, we’ll find out below if that’s achievable or not. If this is feasible, how do you take a screenshot on a Jio phone? So, let us talk about it.


Is it feasible to take a screenshot of a Jio phone?

Yes, you can simply capture screenshots of every screen display on your Jio phone, but not on all models. As a result, the screenshot capability is not accessible on all Jio phone models.

However, if you wish to capture a screenshot of any page in the browser of your Jio phone, you may do so on all variants of the Jio phone.

I’d want to clarify that if you wish to capture a screenshot of something other than the browser app, such as settings, other applications, documents, etc., you can only do so on one type of Jio phone.

However, screenshots of any webpage within the browser app may be captured with any Jio phone mobile. Now, I’m hoping that the situation regarding the ability to capture screenshots on a Jio phone has been clarified.

Finally, I’d want to make it clear that the Jio Phone F320B newest model 2021, which includes screenshot capabilities, allowing you to take screenshots. Now, let us learn how to capture a screenshot in a Jio phone in the sections below.

How to Take a Screenshot on the New Jio Phone F320B?

As I previously stated, this kind of Jio phone allows you to capture screenshots of everything on the screen, much like an Android smartphone. So, if you need to know about its screenshot technique, let us know.

Before beginning, it is important to remember that you must have a jio phone of the F320B model; otherwise, the technique will not function on any other type of jio phone.

To take a screenshot on a smartphone, we need to hit the power button and volume up. In the same way, you must hit a button on your Jio phone’s keypad to capture screenshots.

To take a screenshot in the new Jio phone F320B model, follow the steps below:

  • Open the screen of your Jio phone where you wish to capture screenshots, such as in an application, document, or other source.
  • As you open the place where you wish to take a screenshot, press and hold the * and # keys on your Jio phone for a few seconds.
How to capture screenshot in jio phone
  • You will be alerted within a few seconds that the Screenshot has been saved to the gallery.
  • All screenshot photographs will be saved in the gallery of your Jio phone. As a result, you may see your Jio phone screenshot photographs from the gallery.

By following the steps outlined above, you should have a good understanding of how to capture a screenshot in a Jio phone of the new model F320B using a button.

How to Get a Jio Phone How can I take a screenshot of every model on any website in three different ways?

If you have a jio phone that is not the F320B newest model, you can only take a screenshot of a webpage using the jio phone’s browser application.

You cannot take screenshots on a Jio phone if you wish to capture other programs, settings, or documents.

By the way, it is possible to capture screenshots on Jio phone using OmniSD by downloading an external software on Jio phone, however this is unofficial and the method is lengthy.

So, I’d like to inform you that there are numerous websites that will supply you with a screenshot of any website if you enter the website URL on the specific screenshot provider website.

As previously said, there are several screenshot capture websites for Jio phones accessible. So far, we’ve discussed four websites for taking screenshots and methods.

How to use to capture a screenshot on a Jio phone?

  • Open the browser app on your Jio phone and navigate to the website you wish to capture a screenshot of.
  • Copy the URL of the website from which you wish to take a screenshot.
  • Then, in your browser, type and go to this page.
  • Paste the website url you copied previously into the “Type webpage URL” box.
  • For greater image size in Jio phone, select phone from the device type option.
  • Scroll down and choose the “Capture Screenshot” option.
How to take snapshot on all model in jio phone
  • The snapshot will be ready as soon as you click it. So, select the download screenshot option, and your screenshot will appear in the gallery or as a download file on your Jio phone.
  • In this manner, you may simply collect screenshots of any webpage using the website on any kind of Jio phone.

Now, let’s look at the information below with the aid of other websites.

How to use to take a screenshot of a Jio phone? is a service that allows you to capture a screenshot of any website by entering its URL. By the way, you may use it on any device, however the major reason for mentioning it here is for Jio phones.

  • Go to Website on your Jio phone’s browser.
  • Enter or paste the website URL into the box.
  • Click the Shot button to take screenshots of the page on your Jio phone.
How to take screen images on jio phone
  • Scroll down and you’ll see a snapshot of a specific URL. So, to save screenshots on your Jio phone, click on the download sign.

How to Use Web-capture.Net to Take a Snapshot of a Website on a Jio Phone? is a simple website that allows you to take a screenshot of a webpage or URL and save it to your Jio phone or any other phone.

  • Using the browser app on your Jio phone, navigate to the website.
  • Copy and paste the internet url into the box labeled “Enter URL to Capture.”
  • Finally, select “Capture web page” from the drop-down menu.
How to take screen shot images in jio phone
  • You may now see a snapshot of a specific. So, choose the download option to save the screenshot to your Jio phone’s gallery.

FAQ on How to Take a Screenshot on a Jio Phone

Can I capture screenshots of the jio phone’s buttons?

As previously stated, a screenshot may be captured using the Keypad button on a Jio phone, but only on the most recent model of Jio phone, which was released in 2021.

The model of Jio phone that supports the Screenshot capability is the F320B. The major reason you can’t capture a screenshot on an outdated Jio phone is that the operating system in which kaios are installed on your Jio phone does not allow for screenshots.

Screenshots can also be captured on the old jio phone, however you will need to tweak the kaios operating system of the jio phone in order to install external programs for collecting screenshots.

Can we record screen on any Jio phone model?

No, screen recording is not possible on any type of Jio phone since Kaios, even in its newest version, does not enable this capability.

This function may be introduced in the future, however it is currently not feasible to use on your Jio phone.

How can I use Google Assistant to capture a screenshot on my Jio Phone?

If you search on YouTube for the technique of taking a screenshot on your Jio phone, you will be taught the procedure by the Google Assistant. Some bloggers have claimed capturing screenshots on a Jio phone using Google Assistant.

However, you cannot take screenshots on your Jio phone using Google Assistant. The screenshot was captured with Google Assistant, but only on a smartphone.

They said that you should keep pushing the mic button on your Jio phone and then speak “OK Google.” Finally, you must state that you will take a snapshot of the Google Assistant in accordance with their protocol.

However, it does not work, and you may try it on your Jio phone if you want to.

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Conclusion on Screenshot Capture with Jio Phone

I hope you are aware of how to capture a screenshot in a Jio phone, as I have explained in this post. We have covered every crucial aspect of capturing screenshots on a Jio phone.

Finally, if you have the latest model of jio phone F320B, you may use it as a smartphone to capture screenshots of anything. However, if you have a different type of Jio phone, we have given a remedy by capturing a screenshot from the page.

In addition to this, we have included Frequently Asked Questions about Snapshot in Jio Phone. So, now you know everything there is to know about screenshot jio phone. If you have any questions or comments on this issue, please leave them in the comments section.

There you have it. You now know how to take a screenshot on your Jio phone and can use this knowledge for all of your capturing needs! Thank you so much for reading, we hope that these tips will help you with all of the screenshots that need taking in the future. Now go out there and capture some memories!


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