How To Get A YouTube Community Tab? [A Complete Guide]

How To Get A YouTube Community Tab?
How To Get A YouTube Community Tab?

YouTube is all about generating brand reach and forming relationships with the audience to build a loyal community. The influx of several brands and creators on YouTube has led to the platform releasing new features to help them generate more and more traffic. The social media channel has launched its own Creator Academy to help people get around it and create the community they need. One great feature is the YouTube Community Tab which can help you get more monetary benefits, but it has several prerequisites. The following article will discuss the Community Tab and how you can get it. You can buy YouTube subscribers and other engagement to open up better opportunities.

What is the YouTub Community Tab?

The YouTube Community Tab is to help creators engage with their audience and offer them more than their videos. It allows you to make Community Posts including texts, polls, and images to stay engaged with them in between uploads. Some features you can access with the YouTube Community Tab include:-

  • Polls to Understand Interests – Just like Instagram Polls, YouTube Polls are a great way to involve your community and allow them to voice their choices. For example, you can post a poll asking about the kind of videos your subscribers would like to see. Another tip would be to use polls to get a conversation started and test their knowledge about industry terms.
  • Image-Based Posts to Showcase Your Life – Everyone knows that YouTube showcases the best of people and is not an exact representation of your life. Image-Based informal posts allow your subscribers to get a sneak peek of your life. Buy YouTube Subscribers or Likes for higher engagement on these.
  • Pre-Launch Posts and Hype – You might not be able to reach your YouTube audience via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. In that case, video launch posts would go wasted on the wrong audience. The YouTube Community tab is perfect for these pre-launch posts to create hype and gauge your audience’s reaction. You can use the services offered by the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers to ensure a better response to Community Posts.
  • User-Generated Content – User-generated content such as reviews and testimonials is a great way to gain your audience’s trust. If you are a creator, posting fan art or empathetic conversations might be better. You could also post a shoutout for charity or Patreon donors. These user-generated posts help garner a lot of engagement and show your audience that their inputs are valuable.

How To Get the YouTube Community Tab?

Now that you know the benefits of the YouTube Community tab, let us have a look at how you can access yours. The pre-requisite to unlocking the Community Tab is – your channel should have over 1000 subscribers. You might notice that this is also a prerequisite to monetizing your YouTube channel. Thus, you can buy YouTube subscribers or other engagement services to get access to the YouTube Community tab as soon as possible. Enabling the Custom Channel tab is the only way to get a custom layout and allow your audience to access the Community tab. You can read the guides available on the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers to understand more about Community posts.

Guide To YouTube Community Posts

We discussed the benefits of the YouTube Community section and how to gain access to it. However, making a Community Post to engage with the audience is still a mystery. Let us have a look at how to create a Community Post and post it for your subscribers.

  • Sign in to your YouTube channel and select ‘Upload’ at the top of the page
  • Choose the ‘Create Post’ option for creating a Community Post.
  • Type in a message to create text-based posts or add pictures, videos, GIFs, and stickers to the post. You can also tag a relevant channel and mention them by typing a @ followed by the channel name.
  • Click on ‘Post’ to successfully create a YouTube Community Post.

As soon as the post is successfully published, it will be accessible to your subscribers on their feed. You can buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and comments to get reach more and more people with your community posts.


The YouTube Community Tab is a recent addition and most creators are not utilizing it to its fullest potential. However, the feature offers the power to engage, update and regularly inform your followers even if you do not have the time to create and post new content. We hope the article helped you understand how you can stay connected with your subscribers and offer what they need!


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