Shark Tank India Judge Amit Jain Net Worth: CarDekho CEO Amicable Career, Facts & More

Amit Jain Net Worth
Amit Jain Net Worth

Ashneer Grover has been replaced as a judge on Shark Tank India Season 2 by Amit Jain, co-founder and CEO of CarDekho and Amit Jain is one of the ‘new’ faces on Shark Tank, after a successful run in a new avatar. With ‘Ye Sab Doglapan hai’, which he later converted into a tell-all book about the venture capital ecosystem in India, Amit replaced Ashneer Grover, who was a significant presence at the show in Season 1.

Who is Amit Jain?

Amit Jain

Amit Jain, 46, of Jaipur, is the new contestant on Shark Tank Season 2, which retained Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, and Peyush Bansal from Season 1. IIT Delhi alumnus Amit Jain founded GirnarSoft with his brother in their garage as his first enterprising venture. In 2008, Amit Jain and his brother attended the Auto Expo in New Delhi, when the idea of building CarDehkho struck them. In an interview with Shark Tank India, the new judge said he wanted to use technology to enhance the experience of buying and selling cars. CarDekho turned profitable 7 years after the duo founded it in 2008. With a valuation of USD 1.2 billion, CarDekho is a unicorn.

Amit Jain Net Worth

Amit Jain Net Worth

CarDekho was founded in 2007 by Amit Jain and his brother Anurag Jain. There is a huge growth in the popularity of online portals where you can purchase new cars, get the price list of all versions of a car, and buy and sell used cars. With CarDekho becoming a massive company, it is now considered one of the best places to buy and sell cars. Shares of CarDekho have contributed to Amit Jain’s huge net worth of Rs 2990 crores. Additionally, Amit Jain has invested in various stocks and companies valued at more than Rs 58 Crores right now. In September 2022, he disclosed holding stocks of 14 companies worth about Rs 58 crores in his corporate shareholdings filing.

Amit Jain Career

Amit Jain Career

Tata Consultancy Services hired Amit Jain as a Software Engineer after he graduated from one of the prestigious engineering institutions in India. After completing one year as an engineer at TATA, Amit Jain immediately sought out more opportunities and was offered positions as Senior Associate, Delivery Manager, and Product Manager at Trilogy (an Austin, Texas-based software company). After his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, he returned to his comeback. He then came up with the idea of establishing a million-dollar IT outsourcing company in his hometown that would pay for all of his efforts.

Amit Jain Shark Tank India

Amit Jain Career Shark Tank India

As part of Shark Tank’s second season, the entrepreneur will join other well-known sharks on the panel. During an episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Jain told Amit Bachchan about his experiences shooting Shark Tank. He said that the middle class in India has become more risk-taking, and even young children were among the contestants in the show’s second season. Sony Entertainment Television will broadcast the second season beginning 2nd January 2023.

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Some Facts About Amit Jain

  • In addition to owning several luxurious cars, Amit Jain loves his blue Mercedes the most. His prized car has been featured in many of his posts. As he wrote on his Instagram account: It is imperative that the wheels of passion never stop turning.
  • Anyone who knows the entrepreneur closely knows that he loves travelling and spending time with his family. Exploring new places with his family is one of his favourite things to do. Among other places, he visited Georgia and Qatar this year.
  • In addition to enjoying time with his family, Amit Jain acknowledges that he lives in the moment.


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