Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Plot, and Review


The Asian dominance in entertainment is growing by the day, particularly in South-East Asia from countries such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and China. The age of OTT and people’s shift from traditional cable television to entertainment on demand is a big reason for such success. And in that spirit, we present to you today a Chinese drama as endearing as its title, put your head on my shoulder. Now, without wasting any more of your valuable time, let’s get started on the review.

The show was an instant hit, and as soon as it ended, fans and experts alike were hoping for a season 2 of Put Your Head on My Shoulder. In India, you can watch me put your head on my shoulder in Hindi, Mandarin, and English.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2: Overview

Put Your Head On My Shoulder season 2 release date cast

PYHOMS is a lighthearted and upbeat story about an ordinary girl and a prodigal genius. Who appear to be polar opposites at first but end up being the other half of each other’s lives. A classic story about a college romance and coming of age. It fully justifies its claim to be a rom-com. There isn’t a single dull moment in the show.

We’ll tell you all about it, but first, let us take you on a journey that describes everything important about the first season, including the cast and their characters, release dates, where to watch it, and finally, what’s the deal with season 2.

This show is based on Zhao Quianquain’s novel of the same name. And is created by the author of a beautiful love drama. Which is also widely acclaimed. Season one contains a total of 25 episodes, 24 of which are regular episodes and 1 of which is a short special episode. PYHOMS aired from April 10 to May 16, 2019.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Cast

  • Xing Fei in the role of Situ Mo
  • Lin Yi in the role of Gu Wei Yi

Other Supporting Cast: –

  • Wang Shan is played by Zheng Ying Chen,
  • Lin Zhicun is played by Jun Wei,
  • Professor Jiang is played by Jie Bing.
  • Xie Yuyin is played by Zhou Zi Xin.
  • Meng Lu is played by Gao Yu Fei.
  • Zhou Lei is Zhang Hao Lun.
  • Ah Ke is Zhu Kang Li.
  • Chen Jing Jing takes on the role of Hu Niu.
  • Yi Sha takes on the role of Xu Jie’er.
  • Tang Xiaotian portrays Fu Pei, Situ Mo’s, and Gu Weiyi’s ex-dormmate.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Release Date

Following the phenomenal success of the first season of PYHOMS, fans have been anticipating the second season with bated breath. However, we regret to inform you that no official announcement of a second season of the show has been made by the creators. So there’s no telling when the next season of PYHOMS will arrive. However, it is highly unlikely that the producers would pass up an opportunity to capitalise on the popularity of the previous season and make even more money than before. So, if we keep this in mind, we may be lucky enough to see this lovely show return to our television screens.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Cast & Characters Name

The characters and the people who bring them to life are the main highlight or life of any show or movie. And the success of this show can also be attributed to its talented and attractive cast. The two main characters deliver an outstanding performance, and their chemistry is second to none. Not only that, but the supporting cast delivers consistently entertaining performances. As a result, you can expect to see the same cast in season 2 of the show.

Where Can You Watch Season 2 of Put Your Head On My Shoulder?

In India, it is available on Netflix in Mandarin and English. However, if you are not a fan of either language or do not have access to Netflix, you can watch Put Your Head on My Shoulder in Hindi for free on MX player. However, the experience may be hampered by an excessive number of advertisements on the platform, which can ruin your viewing experience. So, instead of streaming, we recommend downloading the episodes and watching them offline to avoid the interstitial ads.

Season 1 Plot Analysis Of Put Your Head On My Shoulder Ep 1

It opens up the world that the story wants to show us and introduces us to our main leads and their supporting characters, just like a good pilot episode of any series. The leads meet for the first time, and despite their differences, they strike up a cultural conversation and eventually become friends. The episode goes on to show how they deal with their problems separately while also finding themselves in situations that bring them together. It’s an excellent start to a lovely love story that follows.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Episode 5

Up until this episode, both of our leads have developed endearing chemistry and are on their way to deepening their relationship in the coming days. But for the time being, they are attempting to invest themselves in their work while also getting to know and cherish each other.

Episode 6 of Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Episode 6 introduces a pivotal supporting character in Mo Mo’s story. Her mother is the one who pays her a visit. Our protagonist is showered with many truths about herself, as well as information about her family and what is going on at home.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Rating and Reviews

The show successfully captured the hearts of its viewers and was a commercial success in every region or country where it was broadcast, not just in China. It currently has an IMDb rating of 8.2/10 and a Rakuten Viki rating of 9.6/10, which is more than incredible in every way.


Our final word on this Chinese rom-com drama is very positive, and you’ll see why after watching it for yourself. We hope you found this article useful and that it helped you decide whether or not to watch this show.

We’ll see you in a new one soon. Keep it cool until then.

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