Is Pubfilm Legal? Top 10 Alternatives Websites


Free streaming site Pubfilm used to be really popular, especially in the US. Pubfilm had a legal debacle due to copyright content in 2014 but won. The creators used numerous domains to prevent a complete shutdown due to the numerous domains they used. It was able to maintain credibility and popularity as a free streaming site for years, but the government finally shut all domains down in 2018.


What Is Pubfilm?

What Is Pubfilm?

More than 8 million people visit Pubfilm every month, making it one of the world’s oldest and most active streaming sites. Pubfilm is popular around the world, but most users come from the United States.

With so many streaming sites available, you might wonder what makes Pubfilm different. It’s a combination of things. It has a simple yet highly functional design that is easy to learn, but hard to abandon. From the moment you find something interesting, you can start watching in just a few seconds, and most of the content is in high definition.

Unlike Netflix and Hulu, Pubfilm doesn’t have native apps for various operating systems and devices, but that doesn’t matter too much since all you need is a web browser to watch movies there. Pubfilm movies and TV shows should work on even low-end smartphones.

Top 10 Alternative Websites to Pubfilm

1. Putlocker: A high-ranking streaming site where you can watch free movies and TV shows, Putlocker is similar to Pubfilm. Simply type a film you want to watch in the search bar on this page to effortlessly find it.

2. Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time is another tool for watching high-quality movies and TV shows like Pubfilm. Popcorn Time requires you to download and install the app on the website, unlike other web-based video streaming sites.

3. 123Movies: A new movie is added to 123Movies every day. Today, it is known as GoMovies. You can watch a lot of Hollywood movies on this site.

4. Vumoo: Like Pubfilm, Vumoo lets you watch updated movies and TV series online. From its homepage, you can stream and watch your favourite movies and TV shows online with one click.

5. Yes!Movies: Pubfilm can also be substituted with Yes! Movies. Hollywood TV series and trending movies are showcased on this online platform. There is also a special section for top-rated IMDb-reviewed films.

6. Hotstar: Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Watch your favourite movies in a different genre on this video-sharing site. The site currently has over 50,000 movies available for viewing.

7. MoviesFoundOnline: Whether you’re looking for old movies, new movies, or independent films, MoviesFoundOnline is a great place. Movies from the 1940s to the present are available on the site. Different genres of movies are available.

8. Kanopy: In addition to Pubfilm, Kanopy is another option. Movies can be streamed on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android, AndroidTV, Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, and FireTablet. This includes all computer platforms. This website provides quality videos for people of all ages in an effort to entertain them.

9. YahooView: Oath is a new brand created by Yahoo’s partnership with AOL. Oath provides free access to videos through its digital media company. The purpose of this project is to entertain and inform people about relevant issues around the world. You can watch movies for free through YahooView.

10. MovieFlix: MovieFlix is the last on the list. You will need to download movie streaming software on your PC and mobile device. Does it cost anything? Yes, indeed. All users have free access to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Pubfilm – what happened to it?

Ans: Like other free streaming sites, PubFilm hosted copyrighted content, which led to its closure in 2018. The website is still accessible via several mirrors despite this.

Que 2: Is Pubfilm legal?

Ans: As Pubfilm hosts copyrighted content, it is not legal. You may need to search the internet for a mirror as they are frequently banned by governments.

Que 3: Is Pubfilm safe?

Ans: If you use a VPN and antivirus to protect yourself from online threats, Pubfilm is safe.

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Once you discover the wonders of online streaming sites, you’ll never watch movies or TV shows any other way. It doesn’t get much better than Pubfilm when it comes to streaming online.



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