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PLDT provides a wide range of digital and telecommunications services through its main business groups, from fixed line to wireless, on the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone, as well as fixed-line and cellular networks.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: TEL) lists PLDT, and the New York Stock Exchange lists its US Depositary Shares (NYSE: PHI). Among Philippine publicly traded companies, PLDT has one of the highest market capitalizations.

Most people use their default WIFI router settings, such as the default PLDT WIFI password, which contains some vulnerability or is a weak password.

  • The PLDT Home WiFi service is available in both prepaid and postpaid plans.
  • This is an internal setting that allows you to change the admin login and PLDT WIFI password.
  • To change your PLDT WiFi password, you must first understand what PLDT Fibr is.

Fiber optics technology is used to increase downloading and uploading speeds up to 1Gbps.

How to login my PLDT admin?

PLDT Router Login Guide

  • To access the router’s web-based user interface, open your internet browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer)
  • Type (the most common IP for PLDT routers) in the address bar.
  • Your PLDT router’s default username is adminpldt.

How Can I Change My PLDT WIFI Password?

  • Open your internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and go to or (PLDT Fibr default gateway address to access router settings).
  • If the “Your connection is not private” window appears, simply click the “Advanced” button and select “Proceed to (insecure)”.
  • Following the steps outlined above, you will be presented with a PLDT Admin Dashboard.

Note: Changing your default password protects you from being hacked by others. Your entire network will be protected by a new PLDT WiFi Password. According to studies, you should change your wifi password every three months.

What is the username and password for my PLDT Home FIBR?

PLDT Fibr Modem Default Login Settings

  • Admin is a regular user.
  • Password: 1234.
  • superadmin – Username: fi!…
  • Password: z6dUABtl270qRxt7a2uGTiw.
  • Username: adminpldt.
  • Welcome To log in, please enter your username and password.

Pldthomewifisettings.Net Wireless Configuration

  1. To change your wifi name and password after logging into the router settings, go to Network.
  2. You must manage two networks in the WLAN settings: a 2.4 GHz band and a 5GHz band.
  3. Navigate to the 2.4 GHz network settings > Advance Tab > Fill in the SSIS Name field with a new name > In the Password field, type in a new password.
  4. Passwords should be 12 characters long and contain alphabets, numbers, and special characters.

PLDTH Wireless Configuration – Dashboard Balance

While connected to your home Wi-Fi network, go to to access the dashboard.

Another way to manage its usage is through the myPLDT Smart app, which is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Install the PLDT Home WIFI App.

Your PLDT Home Account is now available to you.

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