Partners For Justice Season 3: K Drama Cast Details, Release Date And Storyline

Partners For Justice Season 3
Partners For Justice Season 3

It’s high time for K Drama, you will find k drama lovers everywhere. This drama sharpens one feeling and is swoon-worthy. If you want to cry, laugh, get scared or jump with butterflies in your stomach then the perfect dose is a k drama.

There are a lot of thrillers and criminal Korean shows and each year new names keep added to this list. One such show based on psychological trauma with a flavour of romance and comedy that has grabbed a lot of attention is Partners for Justice.

This Korean drama has two seasons aired respectively in 2018 and 2019, and there is a lot of speculation about season 3. People are also excited to see Jung Jae Young and Eun Sol together. So let’s have a look at the information about Season 3.

Partners For Justice Season 3

Partners For Justice focuses on the life of a forensic doctor and a prosecutor who proves to be the best teammates. This  South Korean television series starring Jung Jae-young and Jeong Yu-mi was first aired in 2018.

Its second season came out in 2019 with  Kang Seung-Hyun and No Min-woo as the leads. It is available on Netflix, Zee5 and other OTT Platforms

Partners For Justice Season 3 Story

Partners For Justice Season 3 Story

In the first season, the main villain of the series Oh Man-Sang dies in a burning car, while he was trying to escape. But Baek Beom, the central protagonist, is not sure of Oh Man-Sang’s death. In Season 2Jung Jae Young’s comeback as Baek Beom, in the National Forensic Service, works as a medical examiner.

He still protects himself and is still obstinate, ever pushing to get his path when he realizes he can do the job better than his kind of enemy, Ma Do-Nam, played by Song Young-Kyu. The Story also portrays beautifully the companionship of Jung Jae Young and Eun Sol, who must disclose the reasons and the fact that lies underneath the dead bodies.

Later a new storyline is introduced with new characters. So let’s wait and see how season 3’s story will evolve.

Partners For Justice Season 3 Cast 

It’s expected star cast that might be returned in this series follows:

1. Stephanie Lee as Stella Hwang

Stephanie Lee as Stella Hwang

2. Joo Jin – Mo as Park Joong Ho

Joo Jin - Mo as Park Joong Ho

3. Ahn Suk-Hwan as No Han-shin

Ahn Suk-Hwan as No Han-shin

4. Park Jun-Gyu as Kang Dong-sik

Park Jun-Gyu as Kang Dong-sik

However an official confirmation regarding the Partners For Justice Season 3 star cast awaits.

Partners For Justice Season 3 Release Date 

The production is considering a season 3, but it’s not decided yet. Its second season aired on July 29. There are slight chances of Season 3 though official confirmation awaits.

This time it’s going a bit difficult as turns as the director of the show No Do Chul submitted his resignation letter to MBC for next season. He has directed both seasons of Partners for Justice both directed by him. So we have to patiently wait for season 3 renewal, it may take time as season 2 was renewed after a gap of 3 years.

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So do you like Korean Dramas? Are you excited for Partners For Justice Season 3? Which season do you like the most along with the character? Also, are you going to miss the No Do Chul direction? Do you like thriller series with a punch of comedy?

Do share your views in the comment box below.


  1. Waiting for season 3🥰🥰🥰… Really love the show and excited on how they solve the case of Young soo and love to see the back-to-back combined force of Jang Cheol and Prosecutor Do Han in Do Han Firm… Hope they release this year😍😍😍


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