Is Kirk Hammett Gay? Get To Know About His Sexuality

Is Kirk Hammett Gay? Get To Know About His Sexuality

Is Kirk Hammett Gay? The main guitarist for the Metallica band is Kirk Hammett. He contributes music to the band as well. The outcome of Kirk’s efforts is this band. For decades, this band has dominated the music scene. Consequently, there will always be a strong connection between group members. However, on occasion, brotherhood may make a star out of problems like bringing up his sexuality. Is Kirk Hammett Gay? Let’s find out. 


Is Kirk Hammett Gay?

Is Kirk Hammett Gay?

In his entire career, Kirk Hammett didn’t do anything that would suggest he was gay. He shot personal photos with the other male band members while serving as the band’s lead guitarist and songwriter. But all those images will show is your brotherly love. 

Why then does the question of Kirk Hammett’s gender identity develop? It comes from curiosity. Every famous person gets questioned about their sexual orientation, and the question being asked is “Is Kirk Hammett Gay?” Since Kirk Hammett is not gay, people shouldn’t be asking as many questions. They just want to see proof that he is heterosexual, they say. 

Kirk Hammett’s Marriages Helped Assume He is Straight

The fact that Hammett has two wives and has had one ex-wife ought to dispel any sexual scepticism. No gay man is allowed to get married to a woman. Even if they do get hitched, it only lasts a few months.  In 1987, he made the decision to get married for the first time. Rebecca, his then-girlfriend, and he got married. Unfortunately, their marriage was only able to continue for three years. 1990 marked the end of their relationship. 

Lani is his second wife. Before they were married, they were a thing. Hammett told the public about his second marriage to Lani in 1998. Since that time, they have been a solid relationship. They experienced mothering twice as a couple. 

The couple has two sons and children. The couple welcomed their first son on September 29, 2006. Angel is the name given to him. Vincenzo, their second child, was born on June 28, 2008. For a famous person with two biological children is obviously impossible of being homosexual. 



In October 1981, lead vocalist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich founded Metallica. The budding thrash metal scene in the Bay Area has seen countless performances between Exodus and Metallica. Metallica’s debut album, “Kill ‘Em All,” was released in 1983. Dave Mustaine, the band’s original guitarist, suffered substance abuse and was fired on April 11, 1983.

James and Lars called Kirk on the same day Mustaine was fired and asked him to New York (where the band was recording) for an audition. Kirk had never been outside of California, but he managed to save up enough money to buy a ticket. The audition’s first song, “Seek and Destroy,” features a challenging guitar solo. Hetfield would later remark that they knew Kirk was their man since he killed the solo on the first try.

Over the following three decades, Metallica would grow to become one of the most popular rock bands in music history.  The most successful heavy metal band ever. Kirk has composed a number of now-classic guitar riffs for the band, including one for “Enter Sandman,” which would become the band’s biggest mainstream hit

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It is debated whether several band guitarists and singers, including Kirk Hammett, are gay. It’s because they get along well with other artists. A small percentage of people spread it negatively, leading to the assumption that well-known figures like Kirk Hammett are gay. This idea, however, has no basis in fact because there is no evidence that he is homosexual.  Instead, there is evidence that Kirk Hammett is heterosexual. He has two biological sons and is married to a beautiful woman named Lani. 


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