Is Dybbuk Remake Of Ezra? Things you Need To Know

Is Dybbuk Remake Of Ezra
Is Dybbuk Remake Of Ezra

The Dybbuk is a Yiddish word that means “the spirit of an angry dead person, especially one who seeks to possess or haunt the living”. It was used by S. Ansky in his 1911 play called The Dybbuk, but the concept of dybbuks was believed long before this time. In Jewish mysticism belief, when someone dies their soul leaves them and goes into another body. This process is known as reincarnation or transmigration of souls and can happen up to 7 times until they have been purified to enter Heaven. 

This article will explore what it means to be “dybbukized” – what does being dybbuks mean? How are people affected? What do you say in the article that was especially interesting or surprising?

The subject’s horror and spirituality converge when a dybbuk takes possession of someone. A dybbuk can be anyone, but usually, they are ex-lovers who return to haunt their former lover. They possess the body and take control of it, forcing them to enact horrifying acts. They can control the person’s movements, feelings and even create prolonged noises to frighten them or other people who are nearby.

The dybbuk (or dybbukization) is a complicated, multi-faceted concept in Jewish mysticism belief. It represents through its history of origins an amalgamation of elements taken from religious beliefs, medieval fears, and later psychological explanations.

The dybbuk is an evil spirit that takes over its host, but unlike other spirits, it can be expelled through exorcism. The process of being possessed by the dybbuk involved some kind of traumatic event in the past of the person it possesses which results in them having a hole inside their soul. The dybbuk then takes over this person and uses them as its vessel.

The most dramatic manifestation of the dybbuk is in S. Ansky’s play, The Dybbuk, where it is izek who becomes possessed by the dybbuk after losing his fiancee through suicide.

But long before S. Ansky, the Jewish people already feared dybbuks. It’s believed that when someone dies they soul doesn’t just leave their body but lives on inside another person. The Jewish mysticism believes is that this might happen 7 times until the person is purified enough to enter heaven.

The process of becoming dybbukized was said to be a very traumatic experience and the possessed person would often try to kill themselves to rid themselves of the dybbuk. If they did not succeed then an exorcism was usually attempted by a rabbi.


Intrigued? If so, don’t worry. We have the answers you need to know right now. Dybbuk Remake Of Ezra is a remake of an old Jewish folklore story about a spirit who possesses people and causes them to do terrible things before finally being exorcised from their body by a Rabbi or other religious leader. It’s been translated into many different languages over the years, but it has never taken hold in a mainstream culture like some other folk tales such as The Phantom of the Opera or Dracula.



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