Inspector Avinash Season 2: Return of the Undefeatable Avinash Mishra!

Inspector Avinash Season 2

“Inspector Avinash” is a popular Hindi-language adventure crime thriller web series that premiered on Jio Cinema in 2022. The series, starring Randeep Hooda as the titular character, follows the story of a police inspector tasked with solving a series of high-profile murders1. After a successful first season, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season.

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Release Date

While there is no official release date yet for “Inspector Avinash” Season 2, it is expected to premiere in March 2024. The show is confirmed to return for a second season, as the first season ended on a cliffhanger.

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Cast

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Cast

The cast of “Inspector Avinash” Season 2 is expected to remain the same, with

  • Randeep Hooda
  • Ayeesha S. Aiman
  • Bidita Bag
  • Urvashi Rautela
  • Rajneesh Duggal
  • Devi Sohit Soni

All returning to their respective roles. Randeep Hooda, known for his exceptional acting skills, will captivate audiences once again in Season 2 as the unbeatable Avinash Mishra.

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Storyline

The storyline for the second season is yet to be revealed. However, given the cliffhanger ending of the first season, fans can expect the narrative to pick up where it left off. The first season revolved around Avinash Mishra, who heads the STF team and starts a war against gangsters. The second season is likely to continue this narrative, delving deeper into the challenges faced by Avinash and his team.

What Is The Cliffhanger Ending of Season 1?

The ending of “Inspector Avinash” Season 1 was somewhat vague and ended on a cliffhanger. In the last episode, Avinash questions Sheikh about Babloo Pandey and Devi when he arrives. Furthermore, Avinash observes a recently filled trench but he doesn’t question Sheikh about it. Sheikh gets annoyed by Avinash’s persistent questions regarding Devi and his strict approach.

Devi visits Avinash the following day at the STF headquarters. Avinash uses foul words and advises Devi to embrace reality throughout their conversation. Devi screams curses at Avinash in an outburst before leaving the station.

Furthermore, Sheikh’s background also comes to light, when he kills both his parents for selling his sister. In addition, a melancholy flashback reveals the cause of his sister’s damage.

In the following scenes, Veer visits Rakesh to inform him that Sheikh is responsible for his son’s death. Rakesh finds out about Avinash and asks him to deal with Sheikh. Avinash is troubled by Rakesh’s demands because his attempts continue to be futile and he is unable to make observations on the links.

The covert relationship between Veer and Nandhini, the wife of his brother, is a further narrative development we discover. Rafiq’s younger brother, Ghazi, begins exacting revenge while conducting his inquiry. He beats Avinash’s dad to a pulp, which shocks the officer because he has been dealing with misfortunes ever since he met Sheikh.

This cliffhanger ending sets the stage for the second season, where these unresolved issues and tensions are expected to be addressed.

Where to Watch Inspector Avinash Season 2?

“Inspector Avinash” Season 2 will be available to watch on Jio Cinema. The first season of the show was also released on this platform and was well-received by viewers.

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“Inspector Avinash” Season 2 is highly anticipated by fans of the show. With its gripping storytelling, intense action, and stellar performances, the second season promises to be as thrilling and engaging as the first. As we wait for the official release date, fans can re-watch the first season on Jio Cinema.


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