Drishyam 3: When Will It Release? Cast, Plot, Trailer, Storyline

Drishyam 3
Drishyam 3

The release date for Drishyam 3 has already been confirmed by producer Antony Perumbavoor last year. Jeethu Joseph, the director of the Malayalam version, claimed that the conclusion to Drishyam 3 was already written. “The climax of the third movie has already been written. In a conversation, he had said, “Let’s see if I can make progress in that direction.” It is reported that the movie will be released soon. By the end of next year, it might even be available.


Drishyam 3

Drishyam 3

Ajay Devgn and Akshaye Khanna’s Drishyam 2, which was a hit in theatres, has now gained a lot of attention in the OTT streaming industry. As a result of the success of Drishyam 2 Hindi, the producers of the Drishyam series are already considering a third part. Amazon Prime Video subscribers are blown away by Ajay Devgn’s suspense-thriller Drishyam 2.

Drishyam 3 Release Date

Drishyam 3 Release Date

The makers of Drishyam 3 have not yet announced the release date. As Mohanlal worked on so many movies at once, he had to wait until the other ones were finished before beginning this much-anticipated sequel. One of the biggest flops in Mohanlal’s career was “Monster,” which he co-directed with Vysakh, who worked with him on “Puli Murugan.”

His fans want to know if Drishyam 3 will have the same suspense as other Drishyam films. It has just been confirmed that there will be a sequel, but no premiere or streaming date has been set since filming and editing take time. Producers will make an announcement as soon as Mohanlal finishes filming his next movie.

Drishyam 3 Expected Storyline

Drishyam 3 will continue the events of Drishyam 2. Let’s fast forward a few months. Mahesh convinced Meera that Vijay would never be able to have a quiet life and that this would be the best punishment for him. There may be evidence casting doubt on Vijay’s intelligence in the third and final part of the franchise.

In Drishyam, the Salgaonkar family attempts to cover up a murder they committed. Sam, Anju’s friend, took photos and videos of her and began blackmailing her as a result. Nandini kills him with a blow to the pipe after he gets too close to Anju. Vijay hides Sam’s corpse and rescues his family.

Sam’s mother, Meera, has suspicions about Salgaonkar’s family, and she imprisons them, but they never receive any evidence to support their claims. Instead of Sam’s bones, they find a cow’s. As a result, it becomes apparent that the corpse is under the recently constructed police station.

Drishyam 3 Cast & Crew

Drishyam 3 Cast & Crew

The movie is made by Antony Perumbavoor and Jeethu Joseph. Satheesh Kurup will direct and Anil Johnson will write the music for the movie. VS Vinayak will be in charge of editing for the last movie in the Drishyam series. Following is the expected cast of drishyam 3.

  • Mohanlal
  • Meena
  • Ansiba Hassan
  • Esther Anil
  • Asha Sharath
  • Siddique 

Drishyam 3 Trailer

Drishyam 3’s official trailer and teaser have not yet been released. Once the official trailer for the movie is uploaded on YouTube, we will upload an updated version of the trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que 1: What Are The OTT Release Date and Time For Drishyam 3?

Ans: The makers of Drishyam 3 have not yet announced the release date.

Que 2: Where Can I See Drishyam 3?

Ans: Currently unannounced, Drishyam 3 is scheduled to release by the start of 2024. The makers have yet to announce the movie’s official release date. But you can watch Drishyam 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Mohanlal will have appeared in three of his best films by the end of Drishyam 3. Due to the popularity of the series in the country, this will be one of Mohanlal’s most anticipated movies. Jeethu Joseph’s direction will likely lead to many twists and turns in the last act.

To get more excited and ready for the movie to come out, we need to hear more from the studio. It is unclear whether the movie will play in theatres or only online when it is released in 2022.


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