Crushed Season 4: Will Samvidhan and Aadhya Finally Get Together?

Crushed Season 4

The much-anticipated season 4 of the popular series “Crushed” is on the horizon. The series, which premiered on January 11, 2022, has captivated audiences with its compelling narrative and relatable characters. As we eagerly await the release of the fourth season, let’s take a look at what we know so far and what we can expect.


A Look Back at Previous Seasons

“Crushed” has been a rollercoaster ride since its inception. The series revolves around the lives of high school students, with a particular focus on the evolving relationship between Samvidhan Sharma and Aadhya. The first season saw Samvidhan, the eternal sidekick, finally getting a chance to speak to his crush, Jasmine. However, things took a turn when Jasmine’s best friend and sidekick, Aadhya, accused him of cheating.

As the series progressed, Samvidhan and Aadhya formed an organic connection and discovered they had a lot in common. Their once-enemies-now-friends relationship blossomed as they teamed up for a flying model competition. However, misunderstandings and complications ensued, leading to an unexpected friendship.

What to Expect in Crushed Season 4?

While specific details about the fourth season are still under wraps, the trailer hints at some exciting developments. Questions that fans are eagerly awaiting answers to include whether Sam will return in the fourth season and what new twists and turns await the characters.

The series has consistently delivered engaging storylines and character development, and we can expect the same from the upcoming season. With its release date yet to be confirmed, fans are eagerly awaiting any updates.

Crushed Season 4 Release Date

The Crushed Season 4 release date is set to be in January 2024. Fans are eagerly counting down the days and the series is poised to kick off the new year with a bang.

Crushed Season 4 Plot

The plot for Season 4 of “Crushed” is not fully disclosed yet. However, it is expected to continue the engaging story about Lucknow Central Convent (LCC) students’ first love, crushes, friendships, complications, and much more shaping their personalities. The characters are expected to shape their future and evolve as individuals, immerse themselves in an upcoming inter-school fest, and prepare for their 10th board exams. As always, the series will focus on the lives of Samvidhan a.k.a Sam and Aadhya, two sidekicks who have always lived in the shadows of their popular best friends.

Crushed Season 4 Cast

Crushed Season 4 Cast

The main cast of the series “Crushed” includes:

  • Naman Jain as Prateek
  • Aadhya Anand as Aadhya
  • Urvi Singh as Jasmine
  • Arjun Deswal as Sahil
  • Anupriya Caroli as Zoya
  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Samvidhan Sharma

Other notable cast members include:

  • Sachin Singh as Rajat
  • Shubham Pandey as Ashok Sir
  • Kapil Tilhari as Jagmohan
  • Manisha Mehra as Farah Maam
  • Akanksha Pandey as Capt Poorna
  • Sadaf Jafar as Sudha Ma’am
  • Nisha Singh as Supriya
  • Anuj Nayak as Kishore
  • Sanchi Biyani as Geeta
  • Ravi Gupta as D’Mello Sir
  • Ashok Lal as Jagga Peon
  • Ankita Tripathi as Sister Mary

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and there are other actors who have contributed to the series.

Crushed Season 4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Crushed Season 4:

Que 1. Where Can I Watch Crushed Season 4? 

Ans. Crushed Season 4 will be streaming on Amazon miniTV.

Que 2. How Many Episodes Are There in Crushed Season 4? 

Ans. The number of episodes in Crushed Season 4 has not been disclosed yet.

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“Crushed” has proven to be a captivating series that resonates with its audience through its relatable characters and compelling narrative. As we await the release of the fourth season, we can only speculate about the exciting developments in store. Stay tuned for more updates on “Crushed” Season 4.


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