Crash Course Season 2 Release Date: When It’s Hitting Prime Again? 

Crash Course Season 2
Crash Course Season 2

Kota( India) is an education hub, and every year hundreds of students go there to build a career having Complete faith in coaching institutes.

With a lot already in mind, competitions, peer pressure, parents’ expectations, struggling friendships, and heartbreaks students are going through a lot and suddenly the game of coaching institutes begins.

What happens when a student’s future is embroiled because of a mere competition between two coaching institutes?

This series will give you a complete insight into how education has become business and how children’s future is at stake because of the war for power.

Crash Course Season 2 Release Date

Crash Course Season 1 aired on prime on August 5, 2022. It has already gained huge popularity and now its fans can’t wait to learn more about its cast, plot, and release date.

Season 1 was a massive blow and now its fans just can’t wait for Season 2. But there are not as no such announcements regarding the season 2 release date.

It was expected that the series trailer will be a replica of the Kota Factory series, just like it students are competing for competition exams, crushing in between the rivalries of two coaching institutes.

With Annu Kapoor playing the central and most crucial role in the series.

Crash Course Season 2 Cast

This series features multiple artists in it, with each character having a story of their own. This series has many popular as well as new faces. Some are starting their careers while some are at the peak of their careers. So let’s have a look.

1. Annu Kapoor as Ratanraj Jindal

Annu kapoor as Ratanraj Jindal

2. Bhanu Uday as Shashank Batra

Bhanu Uday as Shashank Batra

3. Udit Arora as Binny Agarwal

Udit Arora as Binny Agarwal

4. Gaurav Sharma as Dheeraj khandelwal

Gourav Sharmaas Dheeraj Khandelwal

5. Anushka Kaushik as Vidhi Gupta

Anushka Kaushik as Vidhi Gupta

With these, there are some other actors also whom you will see acting in this series directed by Vijay Maurya.

Crash Course Season 2 Plot

Crash Course Season 2 plot

The main storyline is about fierce competition between two coaching centres in the land of Kota, Rajasthan, and how students get embroiled in this fight.

Eight students began their journey in Kota and got enrolled in the top two coaching institutes which are run by Arvind Batra and Ratanraj Jindal.

Both of them have a view of having complete dominance over Kota’s Educational Business. They have intense rivalries and can go to any level to destroy one’s business.

And their army in this war is their students and teachers.

So get ready to mark this journey of eight students and experience their love, heartbreaks, friendship, etc. How the world of students and these institute owners collide putting lives at stake.

Where And How To Watch Crash Course Season 2?

Anyone can watch this lovely series full of life lessons on Amazon Prime Video. So just go take a subscription to prime and enjoy this glorious story.


So this wonderful season 2 will soon hit the big screen very soon with a beautiful story.
Till then watch season 1 on prime video and enjoy the amazing story.

And do tell was it worth watching?


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