Charmsukh Web Series Cast Name List In Detail


Charmsukh Web Series Cast: Charmsukh is one of India’s most popular web series. And Ullu has taken advantage of this by producing the Charmsukh series on a regular basis. There have now been 31 Charmsukh episodes.

And we’ve decided to compile a list for you that includes every member of the series’ cast and director. The majority of the cast members in this series are new, and it was difficult to locate them.

So, if you ask me, this was a difficult list to compile. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Every cast member and director from every Charmsukh episode has been listed here.


Charmsukh Web Series All Episodes Cast Name List

Charmsukh: Mom and Daughter Cast

Director– Sol Kohli

  • Nikhil Aroa As Son-in-law.
  • Rajsi Verma As Mom.
  • Ruby Bajaj As Daughter.

Charmsukh: Ek Khwab Suhagraat Cast

Directed by Shubhobroto Sengupta

  • Nitesh Mishra as Husband
  • Pallavi Mukherjee as Wife

Charmsukh: Behrupiya Episode Cast

Directed By– Shubhobroto Sengupta

Preeti is played by Saumya Tiwari, Kritika is played by Nidhi Mahawan.
Ashutosh as Shekhar, Nikita Nikas as Mother

Charmsukh – Episode 4 – Karna Zaruri Hai Cast

Directed by – Rohit Anand

Dinesh Parmar, Vidyut Xavier and Kasturi Chhetri.

Highway – Charmsukh – Episode 5

Charmsukh – Highway Episode 5 Cast

Director – Rohit Anand

  • Farooq Khan is the owner of the house.
  • Guest appearance by Supriya Shukla
  • Guest appearance by Saad Baba

Charmsukh – Pajama Party Episode Cast

Director– Pravin Raja

  • Vihan Verma as Rahul
  • Gaurav Kumar as Sam
  • Jayati Thakar as Dance
  • Kajal as Neeta

Charmsukh: Kaamwali Bai Episode (Part 1 & Part 2) Cast

Directed By – Pravin Raja

Aarohi Dike as (Paro
Jay Zaveri as Sameer
Garima Maurya as Richa

Charmsukh: Degree Wala Teacher Episode Cast

Directed by – Pravin Raja

Priya Sachan as Dolly
Abhay G Shankar as Gupta Sir
Mahima Gupta as Puja
Anwar Fatehan as Trustee

Charmsukh: Sauda Episode Cast

Directed by – Gaurav

Rohit Sharma as Hironmoe
Trisha Choudhary as Apeksha
Ira Soni as Sumedha

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Charmsukh: Sautela Pyaar Episode Cast

Directed By – Gaurav Kumar

Devashish as Anthony
Rajsi Verma as Seema
Swasti Kapur as Ritu
Ashwin Kaushal as Joseph

Charmsukh: Telephone Booth Episode Cast

Directed by– Amit Khanna

Rimjhim Das as Amita
Rajat Bhasin as Karan
Gaurav Sharma as Jeet

Charmsukh: Humse Na Ho Payega Episode Cast

Directed by – Amit Khanna

Luviena Lodh as Rashmi
Anshul Bammi as Ansh
Amit Thakur as Kishor

Charmsukh: Trapped Episode Cast

Director – Sameer Salim Khan

Nidhi Mahawan as Pinky
Joshua Chhabra as Nandu
Anvesh Bansal as Nilesh

Charmsukh: Jaane Anjaane Mein(Part 1 and 2) Cast

Director Name– Sameer Salim Khan

Amit Jaitley as Husband
Jinnie Jaaz as Wife
Manoj Dutt as Father-in-law
Archana Shukla as Mother-in-law

Charmsukh: Pyaas Episode Cast

Directed by – Gaurav Kumar

Shivam Khajuria as Boyfriend
Babita Anant as Mother-In-Law
Khwahish Matthew as Bhabhi
Puja Mukherjee as Sister-In-Law

Charmsukh: Sex Education Cast Name

Director – Bhavin Wadia

Manvi Chugh as Sudhi
Rahul Sharma as Jatin
Rajsi Verma as Swarna

Charmsukh: Flat 69 Cast Name

Director Name – SSK

Thea D’souza as Garima
Shalini Sahay as Jonita
Lolit Phulwani as Sidharth

Charmsukh: Jaane Anjaane Mein(Whole Series) Cast Name

Director – SSK

  • Deepak Dutt Sharma as Sasur
  • Sima Pari as Mother-In-law
  • Meet Arora as Husband
  • Jinnie Jaaz as Chandani

Charmsukh: Role Play Episode Cast

Director – Amit Khanna

Anshul Bammi as Aakash
Divya Burman as Payal
Satyajeet as Doctor

Charmsukh: Promotion Episode Cast

Director – Nannditaa V. Kothari

Hiral Radadiya as Devika
Nitin Bhatia as Rohan
Mahi Kamla as Shruti

Charmsukh: Chawl House Episode Cast

Director – Jasbir Bijender Bhati

Sneha Paul as Renu
Dakshita Kumar as Ronit
Eshan Tiwari as Bhanu
Jyostna Trivedi as Snehal
Meenu Sharma as Mami

Charmsukh: Meri Padosan Episode Cast

Director – Roy

Unika Ray as Soumya
Lakshya Handa as Vicky
Neha Mandal as Bai

Charmsukh: Aate ki Chakki (Both Parts) Episode Cast

Director – SSK

Jinnie Jaaz as Badi Bahu
Muskan Agrawal as Choti Bahu
Mukesh Kapani as Sasur
Raghuvendra Pratap Singh as Vimal

Charmsukh: Toilet Love Episode Cast

Director – Mohit Garg

Sonal Waghmare as Roli
Manik Loul as Roli’s Boyfriend
Shammi Malhotra as Roli’s Mother
Sunil Kumar Yadav as Raju

Charmsukh: How Do I Watch?

Charmsukh Web Series Cast: Ullu is India’s cheapest OTT platform. And, in the aftermath of the new censorship laws, Ullu has been creating new types of content. So, if you want to watch the Charmsukh series and the rest of the Ullu originals, it’s pretty simple.

You must take specific steps in order to watch every Ullu series, including every episode of Charmsukh.

  • Download the Ullu app from the Google Play Store or your Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and sign in using your e-mail address.
  • Choose the premium plan that you want. To watch the series, you must subscribe to a premium plan.
  • In the app, you can choose between monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.
  • Choose a payment method and complete the payment.
  • Enjoy every episode of Charmsukh or any other Ullu web series you choose to watch.

Charmsukh: The Cast and the Directors

Cast of the Charmsukh Web Series: As you can see, the cast members and even the directors of the Charmsukh series are young and inexperienced in the industry. SSK, for example, has become a regular in the Charmsukh series.

While there are some regular cast members, they do not appear in every episode of Charmsukh. Jinnie Jazz and Rajsi Verma are two examples.

Not only that, but Ullu gives opportunities to young actresses such as Misti Basu, who has a promising future in the industry. As a result, Ullu can be considered a starting point for many young people.

And now that Ullu has attracted big names like Rashmi Desai and Sharib Hashmi, this OTT platform will only grow in the future. That means we could see more leads and great directors in an Ullu series.

As I previously stated, the future looks bright for Ullu as an OTT platform. From here on out, things will only get better. Vibhu Agarwal, the director of Ullu, has also begun this process.

He stated that he has big plans for the platform’s future, and that we can expect big things from it. We don’t know what the plans are, but given that we have two high-profile Ullu originals, the future looks promising. We will notify you as soon as we receive information about any announcement.


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