A Basic Guide To Mastering All Elements Of The Game – Aviator

aviator game
aviator game

The Aviator project is a relatively new game that has quickly earned the trust of users from around the world. Not only is it a great opportunity to regularly earn large sums of money, but also the video slot will allow you to rest from the problems of the real world. However, we should talk about where to start for a beginner who has never tried playing the slot before.

If you have never played gambling or decided to try something new, then let’s break down in detail how to play this emulator. If you decide to play Aviator, you need to understand that there are several variations of this video game. This can be an air variation, where you will follow the flight of the plane, land or water. In the second and third cases, there will be a car and a boat. Choose the theme that will be closer to you.

The best part is that today you can play Planesports not only from your PC but also from mobile devices. You can even download the application 1win aviator, so that the game was loaded several times faster. There are no differences between these options. The main thing is that you have a stable Internet connection.

Planes – the perfect way to relax.

If you have never tried to play Airplanes, do not worry, the control you easily understand. The rules are very simple. If you are a beginner who runs the game for the first time, you can get to grips with control and gameplay in a few seconds. Once you get it all figured out, you can start winning large sums of money. Remember that Project Aviator is not only an opportunity to win big sums but also a great way to have a good time.

You can play not only by yourself but with other players. While you’re playing you can open an online chat room so that you can talk to other people and learn useful secrets. You will talk with them, exchange opinions and learn something new and interesting. Chat is really handy. You can write to it at any time. You won’t have to close the machine to communicate.

Rules of the game

To play Aviator on sandiegoaviators.com, you need to create an account and top up your balance. Once you have a profile, you can run the machine and explore it. There is a great opportunity to get to know it better if you use the demo mode. The free mode will allow you to learn all the nuances of the project.

Remember that this is not a traditional slot machine. There will not be symbols and paylines. But on the screen, you will see a plane. That’s for his flight, and you will follow. In addition, you will find an on-screen control panel and statistics, which should be consulted if you want to improve your chances of winning.

When the user starts the video game, the screen will be a black box, as well as a red small plane. It is his flight that you will be watching. Once the user has decided on the amount, you can immediately launch the aircraft.

Getting to grips with the control is not difficult, because the game has a small number of buttons. You will find them at the bottom. They will put the bet and start the game. As soon as the plane flies up, the coefficients will begin to appear. The longer the airplane flies, the higher the multipliers will be. Remember, however, that there is always a chance that the plane will crash and your bet will lose. Be careful.


Some users rely on luck when playing Aviator. However, this approach is erroneous, because relying only on luck should not be a high probability of losing. Nowadays there are a lot of tactics. Remember that they do not guarantee a 100% chance of winning. However, such techniques will increase the chances of you winning.

Single betting strategy. This option is suitable for beginners who are just starting their way in the game. In this case, you will make a series of bets at low odds. Of course, you will not win a lot of money, but you will also lose a small amount if you lose. For beginners this is ideal.

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Mathematical strategy

Now let’s talk about the strategy that is suitable only for experienced gamers. If you are a beginner, you should not use this technique. You should first study the game better, and only then resort to this tactic.

The method has certain difficulties, which you should take into consideration. It is necessary to follow certain actions, otherwise, you should not count on winning:

The first thing to do is to visit the section called “Statistics”. It will help you win;

You need to find the x100 figure in this section. It is one of the most profitable. However, you can choose a higher figure;

You need to pay attention to the time of the triggering of the odds. You need to count off one hour;

As soon as the timer goes off, you can bet. Remember that it will take some patience, but the result is worth it.


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