Who is the best cricketer in india Based On ICC Rankings


What would you say is the best cricketer in India? based on ICC rankings, it would be Virat Kohli. But many people, including experts, believe that there are other Indian cricket players who are better than him. So, who is the best cricker in India? Let’s take a look at the rankings and find out.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) is an organization that governs international cricket. Every year, they release a list of the top-10 ranked cricket players in the world. The latest list was released on April 3, 2018, and Virat Kohli was ranked number one.

India is recognized for producing outstanding batsmen who dominate on the global stage. As a result, the Indians’ many batting records are not unexpected. For most Indian cricketers, the ICC rating system has been more expensive. This is due to their consistency over time. In this post, we look at the all-time top five Indian Test batsmen based on the ICC ranking. Don Bradman is the most famous of all, with a total of 961 points.


1) Virat Kohli – 937 Points

Career Best Rating Game: vs England (August 2018)

Based on the ICC rankings, Virat Kohli is the best all-time Indian Test batsman. In the history of the game, only 10 batters have amassed more ICC points than Virat.

The first three years of Virat’s career were the golden era for him as a bat. While he had previously established his reputation as a limited-overs player, in these years, he transformed into an excellent Test cricketer. Despite being the team’s skipper, he has made over 1000 runs in his career. During that time, he scored double-centuries on a regular basis. As a result, in 2018, he amassed 937 points.

2) Sunil Gavaskar – 916 Points

Career Best Rating Game: vs England (September 1979)

It was actually Sunil Gavaskar who was the center of attention for India’s batting line-up before Sachin Tendulkar. Sunil Gavaskar was a batting legend, and he made his presence felt in all forms of cricket.

In 1979, the opening made 1407 runs at a rate of 54.12.His overall rating has increased because of it. He scored over 1000 runs in the previous year, which boosted his rating. At that point, he was the world’s best batsman and therefore ranked No.1 by the ICC.

3) Sachin Tendulkar – 898 Points

Career Best Rating Game: vs Zimbabwe (February 2002)

The third-best run-scorer in the history of the game, Sachin Tendulkar, is ranked No.3 on this list. Many gamers reach their zenith in a single stage of their careers, but the Master Blaster was consistent throughout. Despite being one of the most successful batsmen in England, he never achieved 900 points on the ICC chart, so he places 33rd in the overall ranking.

In 2002, Sachin amassed 1392 runs, including four centuries. He previously reached the 1000-mark in 2001. It was all there to assist Sachin in reaching 898 points. In 2010, he scored 1562 runs with a rating of 898, which was not enough to get him into the top 100.

4) Rahul Dravid – 892 Points

Career Best Rating Game: vs Pakistan (March 2005)

Rahul Dravid

In 2005, he was No. 892 on the ladder with unsecured points, but he wasn’t ranked number one on the charts by ICC. The position he held was from 1999 to 2001. That year, he had scored 865 runs, allowing him to improve his standing in the rankings. At the start of this century, Rahul Dravid was at the peak of his career. While he compiled 1357 runs in 2002, he generally surpassed 800 runs throughout those years. He also accomplished it in difficult situations, facing the world’s best bowlers. Here is when Dravid demonstrated his true skill set.

5) Cheteshwar Pujara – 888 Points

Career Best Rating Game: vs Sri Lanka (August 2017)

According to the ICC rankings, Cheteshwar Pujara is among the finest five Indian batsmen in Tests. Pujara is one of the top-rated batsmen in both Tests and ODIs, but he has never been No.1 on the Test rankings chart. However, Pujara has 888 points this year and is thus on the list.

So far, 2017 has been the best year for India’s No. 3. He hit 1140 runs in 11 matches at an average of 67.40, which was his season’s best. Pujara has scored more than 800 runs in each of the past two seasons, and he achieved his career-best mark in 2016.

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The ICC rankings are updated every year and the latest update is no different. So, who’s number one? We have all of this information for you to see so that you can find out which cricketer has taken over the top spot in India! It’s a close race right now but if Kohli keeps up his current form he should take over soon enough. Stay tuned as we will keep updating these every month or two with new updates!


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