MBA Chai Wala Net Worth In Rupees?

Prafull Billore Net Worth

Who Is Prafull Billore?

Prafull Billore is a young Indian entrepreneur and YouTuber who founded his own tea business in Gujarat. He titled it Mr. Billore at first but then changed it to MBA Chai Wala because many found it difficult to pronounce. His failure to pass the CAT admission exam,

Who Is Prafull Billore?

combined with his passion for tea, sparked the idea of selling tea throughout India. Prafull rose to prominence through his innovative business concepts such as ‘Mehfil-e-kavita,’ ‘Free tea for singles,’ ‘Youth entrepreneurship seminars,’ and many others.





Prafull Billore

MBA Chai Wala

YouTuber, Entrepreneur

Date of Birth

14 January 1996

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