Celebrity Lookalike Apps Has Become Popular Over The Internet, Here Are A Few of Them

Celebrity Lookalike Apps
Celebrity Lookalike Apps

When was the last time you tried to tease your friend by using a funny Snapchat Filter? The answer of a majority of people will be “we do it often”. Those Snapchat filters make use of augmented reality technology, and we can simply term those pictures as AR filters. These AR filters have become a part of our everyday routine. Apart from Snapchat filters, there are multiple other instances when we use AR filters. Remember clicking a selfie-and checking multiple filters on it to figure out what is the right fit.

There is another fun way of using AR filters, and you will definitely like it. AR technology enables you to match your face or that of friends with celebrities. You can post about it on social media and even tease your friends as well. How cool is that? You can do this by using celebrity lookalike apps on your smartphone. Want to know more about these apps? Scroll down to know more about it.


Popular Celebrity Lookalike Apps  

Celebrity lookalike apps are advanced photography apps that allow users to modify and edit their photos to look like their favorite celebrity. Such apps make use of AI and AR technologies to make this process possible.

Once users upload their pictures on these apps, the algorithms working at the back-end scan those images and take note of the facial features of the user. After this process, these applications suggest some AR filters that match the face of the user with a celebrity.

Such apps are quite popular these days, and people use these apps frequently to make themselves resemble their favorite celebrity. Read on to know about a few popular apps in this category:


It was originally a photo editing app, but the reason behind its popularity is its unique features. One of those innovative features is the “Celebrity Face Match” feature. This app combines artificial and augmented reality technologies to give accurate results.

You can get assistance from this app to find out your celebrity look-alike or simply apply AR filters to make your face match a celebrity’s look. This app is quite popular amongst smartphone users and used by billions of people across the world. You can download this application for free; however, you need to make some in-app purchases if you want to use the premium features of the Gradient app.


Celebs is yet another popular app that is rightfully in the top charts of celebrity look-alike apps. This app is known for its advanced algorithm based on machine learning to provide users with the best results. Celebs app also makes use of face recognition technology to give fast results and help you know how much you resemble a particular celebrity. It also suggests a filter to help you look like your favorite celebrity. Moreover, this app allows you to share your pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.

Replika: My AI Friend

This app is designed for people who want to give their snaps a perfect and realistic touch. Moreover, you can use this app to edit, modify, and retouch your pictures and make them resemble the images of your favorite personality. It offers various filters that can make your photo look more realistic.

You can take the help of features based on machine learning while editing images in this app for precision. The database of this app includes a wide variety of celebrities, including musicians, actors, politicians, and athletes, which helps you find out the best celebrity look alike.

Star by Face

Another amazing app in the category of celebrity look-alike apps is Star by Face. This app enables users to alter, modify, and edit their images in such a way that those photos resemble images of celebrities. Users simply upload an image, and the facial recognition technology in this app fetches face mapping. After this process, it helps users to edit images and make them resemble the images of various celebrities.

Method of Finding Your Real-life Doppelganger

Have you ever received a comment from someone that you resemble a particular celebrity, such as a musician, actor, athlete, business tycoon, political leader, or social worker? If you want to find out which celebrity is your real-life doppelganger, you can use reverse image search for this purpose.

Reverse photo search helps you search similar images to your input query, you may end up finding a celebrity that resembles you. You can also use the reverse photo lookup to find doppelgangers of other people as well. It can help you find doppelgangers of celebrities as well.

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Final Words

The craze of looking like your favorite celebrity is not new, and people have been trying different ways to resemble their beloved celebrities. However, technology offers us a better solution for this purpose. Celebrity lookalike apps can easily transform the image of users to make them resemble their favorite celebrities. You can use the apps discussed above to look like your favorite celebrity. You can also use a reverse image search utility to find out whether you already resemble a celebrity or not. 



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