What is Apna App? Real or Fake | Complete Review

What is Apna App Real or fake

Apna App Review – In today’s post, we’ll look at a job-finding app called Apna App and determine whether it’s legitimate or not. We are confident that you have questions about Apna App, such as what it is, whether jobs in Apna App are authentic or not, whether Apna App is fake or real, whether Apna App is safe or not, and how Apna App works. as well as numerous others.

Please read this entire article to get answers to all of your Apna App-related questions.


What exactly is Apna App?

Apna App is a Job Search App that has over one crore registered app users who use the job finder services. It began in June of 2019. Apna app provides quick results when looking for some of the best fresher jobs, graduate jobs, full-time jobs, jobs near you, Work from home jobs, office admin jobs, sales jobs, retail jobs, and so on in reputable companies.

It can help you find your dream job in a very short period of time. They collaborate closely to bridge the talent-opportunity gap and provide end-to-end recruitment solutions. Apnatime Tech Private Limited’s official website is apna.co.

Apna App has the following features:

  • Apna is a completely free app for all users.
  • In the event that any employers demand money, they have a report button option.
  • They have stringent verification procedures in place for all job postings and employers.
  • They do not charge employers a commission for hiring candidates through their platform.
  • Apna app can assist with skill development through our app’s community groups for over 70 job categories.
  • They have strict security measures in place to protect their users’ personal information.
  • Never ask for financial information such as bank account numbers, UPI, and so on.
  • They prohibit all MLM, Network Marketing, and Paid-Survey jobs.
  • To protect the privacy of people in their ecosystem, phone numbers of employers and candidates are masked.

Is Apna App Real or Fake?

We discovered many people sharing their experiences with the Apna app after conducting research on the internet and various consumer forums, which is a good thing. According to our research, apna.co is a legitimate app where you can easily find work.

The Apna App is a platform that connects job seekers and employers, but it is not directly involved in the interactions that occur between the candidate and the employer. They do, however, have a ‘Report’ feature through which users can notify them of any unprofessional/unwarranted interaction with an employer, and they will take appropriate action.

According to their website, they have helped over 2.2 million users further their professional goals. There are 50 lakh women users who rely on the app to find jobs and learn new skills.

Is it safe to use the Apna app?

Apna app values all of its users’ trust and safety. They do not allow content that promotes fraud, abuse, MLM/network marketing, fee-based job openings, or self-harm. So, based on our findings, the apna app is safe to use.

Apna app- Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Apna app real?

Yes, the Apna App is authentic.

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