Top 10+ Best Smartphone Manufacturer Company in the World 2018

Today in this article we are discussing about Top 10 Best Smartphone manufacturer companies in the world. we tried to give the Answer for  Which Are the Top 10+ Best Mobile Phones Manufacturer Companies in 2018.

everywhere is competition whatever industry everywhere you can see competition increasing for best and going for better service provider. here we are sharing a list of top best Smartphones mobile Manufacturer companies in World 2018. 

Currently we are living in the generation of  technology and online world. nowadays the use of mobile or smart phones has been increased. and mobile phones today have become more of a basic need in most of our lives. today people use smartphones not only for Calling or SMS purpose, now smartphones companies giving multiple features in their smartphones so people’s are using and enjoy all the features fully. Nowadays mobile phones mostly used for Calling, taking selfies, Chat on social media sites and Social Media Messenger Apps such as WhatsApp,Facebook etc.  mostly people use smart phones for using Internet.


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Top 10+ Best Smartphones Manufacturer Companies in the World 2018

11. Sony Xperia

Sony is One of the old and biggest Smart phone manufacturer company in the world. this list is completing without This Name. Sony Smartphones company is the leading company in Audio,Video and Communication. The company has Xperia smartphones and tabs which have a very stand out design. even top manufacturer don’t dare to challenge its camera censor.

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10. LG

The most popular Big Brand LG is the largest and oldest Mobile company in the mobiles arena. the company has produced both types of phones like Basic and Smartphone too. LG Smartphones operating system is Android.

9. Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the big company in the smartphones world and the company is also manufacture laptops. Both smartphones and laptops are great devices.

8. One Plus

One Plus is the youngest smartphone manufacturer company in the world. the company provide best premium features in their smartphones with very low prices than other companies prices. the company three smartphones One Plus 5, One Plus 3T and One Plus 3.

7. Motorola

Motorola is the most popular brand name in the smartphones arena and Motorola had always been one of the best smartphones manufacturer company in the world.


Vivo is a Chinese smartphone  company which was founded in 2009. the company has  quickly  gained market share and today it is the fastest growing smartphone company in the world. it holds 6% market share in Global market share.

5. Oppo

This is the 5th greatest brand global-wide. They are new in the market; believe it or not they have tried so hard to enter the global market. The features are so amazing which create room for increases in sales.

4. MI

MI Xiaomi is the fastest growing Smartphone manufacturer company in the world. MI Company was founded on 2010 by Lei Jun and till than, as of today company has sold more than 62 million smartphones in its market Taiwan,Singapore,India,Brazil,Malasiya, Hong-kong , Philipinnes and indonesiya.

3. Huawei

Huawei is the Chinese smartphone company with the position three in this list with a control of 10% market share globally. a fact about company that can be seen in the last year 2017, in first quarter company has shipped 35 million mobiles.

2. Apple

Apple Company was founded in 1976 by Steve jobs,Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniakand today its one of the major brand in the world. The company has built a name for it self through brands such as iPhone and Mac.

1. Samsung

Samsung is the largest and oldest Electronics and mobile manufacturer company in the world. Samsung company takes no one position in this list because samsung smartphones are uses in the large volume, company has one big brand in the smartphone world in the global level.Company has the highest no of Smartphones users in the world than others mobile companies.

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