Happy Children’s Day Images Messages Poems Speech in Hindi & English 2017 {Bal Divas Images}

Happy Children’s Day Images Wishes Messages Quotes Poems Pictures 2017 : Here first of all we are wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day 2017 to all.  Children’s Day in India is celebrated on 14th of November of every year. Children’s Day is also known by Bal Divas , which is most commonly known by this name in india. well Today here we brings a Collection Of Happy Childrens Day Pictures and Childrens Day Poems in Hindi & English,Childrens Day Hindi Wishes Messages or Bal Divas Hindi Kavitaye , Bal Divas hindi Shayari Messages pictures etc. so if you are searching for this stuff, than you are going to get this same stuff here on this website.

Childrens Day is one of the popular festival in India. on this special occasion schools organizes various functions for their students and childrens take participate in these functions and Recite poems. Why Children’s Day is Celebrated on 14th November of every year in India ? So this question is going to be answer here, Childrens Day is celebrated because it marks the first birthday of India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru or Chacha Nehru. they loved children much.  get Childrens Day Images wishes Poems Shayari Pictures For Bal Divas 14th November 2017.

Happy Childrens Day Images Pictures 2017 ||  14th November Bal Divas Images HD Pictures



14th November Childrens Day Images


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Childrens Day Images With Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru
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Childrens Day Sketch Images


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on this special day whole country is celebrating Childrens Day. we are sharing here Animated Images Pictures for Childrens Day 2017. Get the Childrens Day HD GIF Images Pictures for whatsapp & fb.

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Happy Childrens Day HD Pictures



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Happy Childrens Day Wishes Quotes Picture in English




Childrens Day Kids Cartoon Images ,Colorful Pictures Of Childrens Day 2017


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Childrens Day Messages Quotes Images With Jawarhar Lal Nehru





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get the beautiful Childrens Day Wallpaper  for free download. Childrens Day Quotes and Childrens Day Wishes Wi










Children’s Day Quotes Poems Messages in Hindi |  बाल दिवस हिंदी कविताये शायरी सन्देश


Children’s day Speech / poem in Hindi:
## Chacha Ka Hai Janamdivas
Sabhi Bacche aayenge
Chacha ji ke phool gulab se
Hum bache sama sab mehkayenge
Happy children’s day


Chacha Ka Hai Janamdivas
Sabhi Bacche Aayenge
Chacha Ji Ke Phool Gulab Se
Hum Bache Sama Sab Mehkayenge
Happy Children’s Day


Teacher Teacher, aaj naa kuch kehna
humko Aaj hum khoob mauj udayenge
Saal bhar toh aapki humni suni
Aaj hum baate aapko apni batayenge
Happy Children’s Day ##


बाल दिवस
बाल दिवस हैं आने वाला,
चाचा नेहरू की याद दिलाने वाला….
चाचा नेहरू को बच्चे प्यार कराते हैं,
बाल दिवस तक याद रखते हैं….
चाचा नेहरू करते थे सबसे प्यार,
सब बच्चे करते थे उनसे अच्छा व्यहार….
बाल दिवस हैं आने वाला,
चाचा नेहरू की याद दिलाने वाला … Happy Bal Divas 2017##


वो माँ की ममता, वो पापा का दुलार,
भुलाए ना भूले, वो सावन की फुहार!
मुश्किल है इसको भुलाना…..
वो कागज की नाव बनाना
वो बारिश में खुद को भीगना!
वो झूले झुलना और मुस्काना,
वो पतंगों का उड़ना उड़ना!
मुश्किल है इसको भुलाना…..
“Children day messages“


चिल्ड्रेन्स डे कविताये शायरी इन हिंदी  || बाल दिवस  Speech & Quotes in Hindi


वो यारों की यारी में सब भूल जाना,
और डंडे से गिल्ली को दूर उड़नावो होमवर्क से जी चुराना,
और टीचर के पूछने पर बहाने बनाना!
मुश्किल है इसको भुलाना….
वो एग्जाम में रटते लगाना,
फिर रिजल्ट के डर से घबराना!
वो दोस्तों के साथ साईकिल चलाना
वो छोटी-छोटी बातो पर रूठ जाना
मुश्किल है इसको भुलाना….
“Wish you happy children’s day


वो माँ का प्यार से मनाना
वो पापा के साथ घुमने जाना
और पिज्जा और बर्गर खाना
याद आता है अब वो जमाना,
बचपन है ऐसा खजाना,
मुश्किल है इसको भुलाना…


अचकन में फूल लगाते थे,
हमेशा ही मुस्काते थे!
बच्चो से प्यार जताते थे!
चाचा नेहरु प्यारे थे!
“बाल दिवस का महत्व”


देश विदेश यह घूमते थे,
बहुत सारी जानकारी प्राप्त करते थे,
फिर भी अपने देश से यह प्यार करते थे!
चाचा नेहरु राजकुमारे थे!


Childrens Day Essay & Speech in English For Students


14th November Children’s Day Short Essay 1 in English:

Today we all are gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of our great leader Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. All kids in a loving manner called as Chacha Nehru. He adored kids so he chose to observe his birth day as Children’s day. Nehru was born in Allahabad on November 14th, 1889. His dad was Mother was Swaroop Rani and father was Motilal Nehru. Since from his youth, he was quite intelligent boy in most facets. For his higher studies, he went England then returned to India to practise law. There were many movements began by distinct freedom fighters against the British folks. So, the Indian National Congress was joined by Nehru.


14th Nov Childrens Day Speech 2 in English For Students

Good morning to the excellencies, Principal sir, teachers and my dear colleagues. As we all know that we are gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India means children’s day. I would like to speech on this great occasion and make this occasion a memorable one for me. 14th of November is celebrated as the children’s day every year all over the India in the schools and colleges. 14th of November is the birthday of the Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of independent India. His birthday is celebrated as children’s day because of his great love and affection for the children of the nation. He had given much importance to the children throughout his life and loved to talk them. He always liked to be among children and surrounded by them. He is called as the Chacha Nehru by the children because of his lots of love and care towards children.
It is celebrated by the cabinet ministers and high officials including other people in the early morning by gathering at Shanti Bhavan and pay homage to the great leader. They place flowers garland at the Samadhi and perform prayers and then chanting of hymns takes place. A heartily tribute is paid to the Chacha Nehru for his selfless sacrifices, encouraging youths, peaceful political achievements, etc.

Variety of cultural programmes and activities are organized in various schools and colleges
by the children to celebrate this day with big enthusiasm. National, inspirational and motivational songs are sung, stage show, dance, short dramas, etc are played by the children to remember the Indian leader and his great love and care for the children. A big crowd of people attend the celebration to hear the speech of students about the Pt. Nehru. Pt. Nehru always advised to the children to be patriotic and nationalistic all through the life. He always inspired and cheered the children doing deeds of bravery and sacrifice for the motherland.
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